February 19th, 2020

MHC offering a pair of cannabis courses in industry awareness

By JEREMY APPEL on October 8, 2019.


Medicine Hat College is offering two cannabis industry training courses this month, followed by two other workshops in November and December.

Shannan Hurlbut, MHC program administrator with continuing studies, says the college decided the time was right to offer these courses because of the Aurora Cannabis facility coming to town.

The two courses are “Cannabis Legalization and Quality Insurance” and “Seed to Harvest,” modelled after existing courses at Okanagan College.

“They’re targeted towards people who are interested in getting into the cannabis industry,” Hurlbut said. “There’s a lot of people who are interested, but have no background in cannabis, so this is hoping to fill that gap.

“And it would certainly set somebody apart – if you had some sort of education versus no education – in the hiring process.”

The first course, which is 12 hours, focuses on the legal side, instructing students how to navigate the Cannabis Act, as well as standard operating procedures to ensure the best product possible, and the difference between quality assurance and quality control.

The second course is more focused on the growing side of the equation, and is 30 hours.

“It’s going to talk more about the cannabis plant as a whole, so understanding what different varieties are, what species, what a healthy plant looks like, how you dry them and trim them, as well as some of the pest management,” Hurlbut explained.

She says the two courses are complementary, but can be taken separately, although it’s recommended that students begin with the more law-oriented class.

MHC is also offering a hemp and cannabis opportunities workshop on Nov. 22, in conjunction with Community Futures Entre-Corp, which includes a job fair with representatives from Aurora and Folium Biosciences in attendance, and costs $35.

And on Dec. 7, the college is hosting a medicinal cannabis workshop, which costs $150 to attend.

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