June 26th, 2019

Hatters set to face the Dragons

By MO CRANKER on April 15, 2019.

Literacy Lane owners Laurie Haliwyz-Way (left) and Lisa Warken hold the Dragons' Den Pitchers Guide. The pair recently found it they will be pitching their businesses to the Dragons in May.


Laurie Haliwyz-Way and Lisa Warken are getting ready to face the Dragons.

The pair found out Thursday that they had been accepted onto CBC’s Dragons’ Den to pitch their business, Literacy Lane, to the panel of six Dragons.

“I might have screamed a little,” said Haliwyz-Way. “I think we’re more nervous now because this is just real now – it’s nervewracking.”

“It’s exciting,” said Warken. “We’ve got to get everything sorted out in a short amount of time and we need to be ready for the Dragons.”

The duo went Calgary in March to audition and now is tasked with preparing a new pitch for the Dragons before flying out to Toronto between May 10 and 14 to shoot their pitch on the show.

“We’re both working full time so this will be an in-and-out trip,” said Warken. “There’s a ton more work to do before we audition.

“We’ll likely go with a similar pitch with what we did in the audition, but they want us to be able to sell our product to national television – they want us to appeal to the public and to be entertaining.”

The pair says they are not sure about how it will go in Toronto but both said they are feeling optimistic about the opportunity.

“We’re confident about our product,” said Haliwyz-Way. “We obviously don’t know 100 per cent what they’re looking for so it could go either way for us.

“After reading through the 15-page document – there’s still a lot of things we need to do.”

The women are now trying to make more sales before facing the Dragons and are encouraging people looking for education products to check out their website – http://www.literacylane.ca

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