May 20th, 2019

Police warning of mobile local scam artists

By Medicine Hat News on March 15, 2019.

Medicine Hat Police Service is warning of an “organized, travelling, criminal group” that could be committing “distraction thefts” targeting businesses and individuals in town.

Police provided some examples of such a scenario in a Thursday news release.

A duo could show up at a jewelry or second-hand store, where one of them asks to see a piece of jewelry and uses a sleight of hand technique to pocket it, while the other shows off a large amount of cash

Individuals in parking lots or on the street are also potential prey.

The scammers could offer to sell what they claim is an expensive piece of jewelry at a steep discount due to be being stranded. The victim buys what turns out to be fake and worthless.

In another scenario, they approach people in parking lots and distract them while stealing small, valuable items like purses and phones.

Anyone with information regarding these types of occurrences should contact the MHPS at, 403-529-8481 or by email at

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