September 21st, 2018

Anti-poverty THRIVE initiative hires its executive director

By Jeremy Appel on November 14, 2017.

Karen Danielson began her new position as THRIVE Medicine Hat's executive director last week. --SUBMITTED PHOTO KAREN DANIELSON

THRIVE Medicine Hat has a new executive director.

The group, which aims to eliminate poverty while increasing physical and mental well-being, welcomed Karen Danielson last week.

“What I bring to THRIVE is experience in working with communities, and working with strategic plans and projects such as this,” Danielson said.

“I’m very excited to work on this one with the community in Medicine Hat.”

Danielson is originally from Saskatoon, where she worked for the Saskatchewan Literacy Network, a non-profit that works with educators and families to promote reading.

THRIVE’s major initiatives include promoting affordable housing, ending homelessness, reducing energy prices, providing transportation for low-income residents and enhancing education.

These are some of THRIVE’s 13 priorities that make up its strategy.

“Those pieces and priorities are going to be working with communities and different community systems. It’s also going to be working with those that have had a lived experience with poverty … to connect the dots and to work together for ultimately this goal of increased well-being,” said Danielson.

THRIVE aims to bring a wide array of community groups together with the overarching goal of eventually eliminating poverty.

“One of the things that I’m very excited about with this position is that it’s coordinating with different community systems, so it’s not trying to build a whole new entity,” she said.

“It’s working from within and building relationships, trying to be part of that ending poverty piece. It’s not trying to create anything.”

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