September 26th, 2018

Workshop aims to aid in the grandparent assistance role

By Collin Gallant on November 11, 2017.

Medicine Hat News

Parents and children benefit greatly from a grandparent’s presence and advice, but it can also lead to tension, say local early childhood educators.

A workshop on Nov. 18 will discuss potential conflicts and how to improve understanding and communication between the generations.

“When there’s a new baby, it bumps everyone into a new generation,” said Leanne Stehr, a registered psychologist and social worker. She will facilitate the event put on by the Medicine Hat Early Childhood Coalition.

“Parents and grandparents have the same goal in mind of nurturing a new, amazing little person,” said Stehr. “They’re bringing a previous (parent-child) relationship with them, so if conflict does arise it can be very complicated for them to work through.”

Different parenting styles, societal change and other factors can leave grandparents feeling out of touch or left out of the new family unit.

At the same time, new parents can also be sensitive to what they could perceive as criticism coming from their own parents.

Stehr will also outline the importance of a grandparent in raising children, help define similarities and differences of the parenting styles of different generations, and show how to avoid or resolve potential conflicts.

“It’s a big adjustment for everyone but we’re also talking about the positives,” said Stehr. “Ultimately, people have the same goals.”

There is no cost to attend the Nov. 18 event at the Medicine Hat Public Library’s Honor Currie Room.

To register email or phone 403-977-8120.

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