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Another dump before sun comes out

By Jeremy Appel on November 11, 2017.


Snow blanketed Medicine Hat and the surrounding area for the second time in a week on Thursday night and Friday morning.

According to the Weather Network, precipitation began at 3 p.m. on Thursday, continuing until 8 p.m., and then picked back up again on Friday at 6 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Jeremy Petryshyn, Medicine Hat’s municipal works manager, said that although road conditions had vastly improved on Friday, city workers were still working on the roads.

“We will continue working into the evening plowing and sanding our streets and sidewalks,” he said.

Redcliff RCMP, which is responsible for the Trans-Canada Highway from outside of Medicine Hat to the Saskatchewan border, issued a release on Thursday night urging drivers to exert “extreme caution” due to “very poor driving conditions.”

Cpl. Gordon Yetman said on Friday afternoon that conditions have improved, but drivers should still be vigilant, as there are still “snow-covered, slippery sections” of the highway.

“Prepare for winter driving conditions and drive to the road conditions,” he said. “That would be some pretty sage advice.

“The road crews are out though and they’re doing a very good job of cleaning off the highways.

“If you have to go out on the roads, plan ahead and be prepared to adjust your driving to meet the conditions.”

Yetman added there were two accidents on Thursday, as well as three or four on Friday.

“We were aware of several vehicles that had gone into the ditch,” he said.

The temperature in the Hat is slated to increase to 5 degrees by Monday, according to the Weather Network.

Petryshyn said as a result, city workers are taking steps to avoid flooding.

“At that time, we’ll be switching some of our focus over to drainage issues, and making sure that catch basins are clear and that water is flowing the way it should be,” said Petryshyn.

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