December 3rd, 2021

Baby Lily passes away Friday

By Gillian Slade on October 28, 2017.

After several crisis situations on Thursday the parents of Lily Gallant, born Oct. 5 in Medicine Hat, made the agonizing decision to remove life support. In the photo are Anna Ji with Lily.--SUBMITTED PHOTO 

There has been a tragic turn of events for baby Lily and her parents of Medicine Hat.

“Lily took a bad turn last night. All her stats dropped,” said Luke Gallant and his wife Anna Ji of their daughter Lily, born Oct. 5 in Medicine Hat.

She died Friday.

Lily had been on life support for most of her short life at Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton with a diagnosis of alveolar capillary dysplasia with misalignment of the pulmonary veins. Luke and Anna had been considering the option of a double-lung transplant in the U.S. if this could be arranged.

“The team was able to keep her alive, however after that turn, the team … suggested it was time to let her have some peace,” said Luke, who talks of the amazing care and attention of staff.

Arrangements were made for Luke and Anna to spend some time with her “one last time,” said Luke.

“Once arrangements are taken care of, and we have had some time with her, the doctor will clamp the lines and her blood will stop flowing with oxygen …causing her to pass in Anna’s arms. Then I carry her to the morgue,” said Luke.

Although a double-lung transplant was one of their aspirations, Lily’s parents had been grappling with the possibility that they may need to recognize that would not be realistic.

“Having to make a decision on whether she lives or dies is really, really stressful, really hard,” said Luke a couple days ago.

Everything had seemed fine during the pregnancy.

“We had no idea before she was born. It did not show on the ultrasound,” said Luke.

There was a small chance there was fluid around her heart but after the ultrasound that seemed to have gone away, he explained.

Luke and Anna are facing additional expenses and a friend has set up a GoFundMe page.


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