January 27th, 2020

Grade 2 Herald School students get bugged

By Tim Kalinowski on June 24, 2017.

Josie van Middelkoop and her Grade 2 class are studying various bugs and are excited to share their knowledge about how the insects are important for a healthly eco-system.--NEWS PHOTO EMMA BENNETT


Herald School Grade 2 students want to get a message out to the community to respect insects and the role they play in the eco-system.

Over the past month students have been researching various bugs and getting some hands-on experience studying them in the classroom through their growing butterflies project and outside in the field.

“My students were talking about insects, and we really wanted to figure out a way we could communicate to the rest of our community on why local insects are so important,” explains teacher Josie van Middelkoop. “So this started a whole bunch of research on a whole bunch of different insects and they got to pair up and choose one they really like to use in a project they built.”

One of those pairs was Brooke Bollinger and Shayd Schlosser, who chose to study honeybees.

“We found out they did lots of pollinating in one day,” says Brooke, when she asked what she finds most surprising about bees.

“They help flowers make seeds,” agrees Shayd. “If there were no bees the flowers wouldn’t grow.”

“And we wouldn’t have honey,” adds Brooke.

Mrs. van Middelkoop says kids have a natural affinity and excitement when it comes to bugs, and her students have learned a lot about the importance bugs have within a healthy eco-system.

“Kids really love bugs. They were very excited to do this project.”

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