July 19th, 2018

SPCA launches fundraising campaign for renovations

By Peggy Revell on June 12, 2017.

The Medicine Hat SPCA has launched a campaign to raise the $700,000 needed to completely renovate the shelter. --NEWS PHOTO EMMA BENNETT


The Medicine Hat SPCA has launched its “Extreme Shelter Makeover” campaign to raise funds for a full renovation to its building.

“Every bit helps to get us there,” said executive director Katie Ayres, encouraging the public to help the organization meet its goal of $700,000.

Renovation and fundraising plans come after the completion of a new needs assessment for the SPCA’s site. The assessment was done after the SPCA made the decision in 2015 to no longer provide pound services for the city, and kiboshed plans for a $7-million new facility.

“We couldn’t justify the spending on a new building, because the current size is technically sufficient. But we need a ton of renovations,” said Ayres.

There will be three phases to the renovation, which will take approximately three years to complete.

The first phase is renovating the holding area that animals are kept in when they first come into a shelter, said Ayres.

“This is the worst off area,” said Ayres, and was originally used as the pound area.

The space needs reconfiguration, new flooring, a different ventilation system, and new cages —especially important as the current state of the area makes disease management difficult, she said.

The organization is already 86 per cent of the way to the $150,000 needed for this phase. This is due to $40,000 in funds put aside when originally planning for the new building, a $57,000 provincial grant, $20,000 from the Lions Club of Medicine Hat, and $10,000 from the Medicine Hat Realtors Charitable Foundation.

“We’re hopeful that we can get that final $25,000 from the public hopefully within the next couple of months and we can start the first phase by the end of the summer,” said Ayres.

The second phase is an addition to the building with a $400,000 price tag. This new area will give the SPCA the space to provide education and training — such as pet first aid and preventative program.

It will also give them flex space, said Ayres, such as if there is a seizure of multiple animals, or if —like during the 2013 flood — they need space for evacuated animals.

The third phase is renovations to the adoption area, with an estimated cost of $150,000. This renovation will include reconfiguration, brand new floors, new cabinetry, new plumbing to address drainage issues, new cages, a new reception area and other updates to better meet the needs of the animals, and have better disease-spread control.

For more information about the campaign, contact the SPCA at 403-827-7737 or visit http://www.medhatspca.ca

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