September 18th, 2019

MH Christian School Grade 3s put focus on a clean Earth

By Tim Kalinowski on May 9, 2017.

Grade 3 students at Medicine Hat Christian School have taken a keen interest in researching plastics recycling.--NEWS PHOTO EMMA BENNETT

Medicine Hat Christian School Grade 3 students have an important message about littering and recycling they want to share with everyone as they celebrate “Earth-keeping” month in May.

“Earth-keeping is about keeping our Earth clean and not littering,” explains Ethan Mellish. “If there is garbage, maybe you can pick it up. When we litter, animals can eat it, and we want to keep nature as it is. And we want there to be clean water, clean earth and clean air everywhere.”

“You always have the chance to either litter or pick up litter and throw it away where it belongs,” agrees Keegan Bartche.

“You can recycle so you can make plastic bottles and things into new things,” states Nevaeh Daw.

“In Genesis, God made the world, and he asked us to leave a good Earth and don’t do bad things to the Earth,” agrees Ethan Binnie.

When the Grade 3s noticed all the litter being thrown around their school grounds, they decided to take action.

“We realized there was garbage being thrown around the school yard, so we decided to write letters to Mr. Holmes, our principal, and we told him about all the things it does to the Earth. We made letters to him, and asked if we could start making plastic recycling bins for each classroom,” explains Nevaeh Daw.

Mr. Holmes thought it was a great idea, and asked the kids to make recycling bins for each classroom, and to speak to each class about not littering.

“We gave them the boxes, and then every Wednesday we pick it up from the class, take it into the library and put it in a plastic recycling bag,” explains Keegan Bartche.

But it can’t stop with their school, they say. Students are hoping people in Medicine Hat will get their message as well.

“Every year the amount of plastic garbage in the world can circle the Earth four times,” says Mika Wells. “That’s really bad.”

“People in Medicine Hat should learn about this so they can also make plastic recycling boxes to send out to the recycling centre so there is not so much plastic that will end up in (nature),” says Ethan Binnie. “It’s about keeping the world healthy.”

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