July 18th, 2018

Soggy conditions keeping most Cypress County farmers from seeding

By Tim Kalinowski on May 2, 2017.

Farmers in Cypress County are off to a slow start in seeding this year due to muddy, wet conditions in the fields. With lots of acres to seed, and an ever-decreasing timeline to get it in, many are hoping for no precipitation the next few weeks.--NEWS PHOTO TIM KALINOWSKI


Farmers in Cypress County are having trouble getting started on their seeding due to the late spring moisture. According to Garry Lentz, who farms in the county and is chair of county’s ag. services board, very few have even gotten rolling yet.

“I would say there is about 25 per cent of the county farmers who have started seeding,” says Lentz. “That’s a rough estimate but I know it is very few. I haven’t started myself. It’s been too wet. Usually our local Hutterite colonies are the first ones to get started in Cypress County, and I was talking to one colony the other day and they are even saying they have very little seeded so far.”

Lentz says everyone is hoping for a long stretch of dry days in May.

“I am not terribly worried for myself; I don’t have a lot of acres to seed so if we get a few dry days, I will be able to do it. But for people who put a lot of acres to get in, they are probably getting pretty anxious … I believe out in the Hilda and Schuler area they get started usually about two weeks before the rest of the county. Likely there would be some acres seeded there, but around Medicine Hat and south of Medicine Hat not a lot has gotten in.”

Generally, if farmers in southern Alberta aren’t seeded by late May the risk of frost damage at the end of the season is greatly increased.

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