July 21st, 2018

Combining yoga with life’s best medicine turns it all around for local instructor

By Mo Cranker on May 2, 2017.


There can never be too much laughter.

Hatter Angélique Doyle is trying to help people bring more laughter to their lives, and has introduced a new program in the city called laughter yoga. The exercise hones laughter as well as yoga breathing, and she says it has changed her life.

“I’ve said it many times; laughter yoga saved my life,” she said. “I was in a really dark place and was depressed and just needed something to bring positivity to my life. After finding laughter yoga I’ve turned it around and I’m hoping to show the exercise to others.”

Doyle says the exercise started in East India in 1995, with five people in the park telling jokes. Once the jokes got old, the group needed a new form of laughter, and laughter yoga was born. Doyle says there are many benefits to laughter yoga.

“There’s both physical and mental benefits,” she said. “Not only does it help with stress, anxiety and depression but it also helps clear your lungs of stale oxygen.”

Though the laughter can feel forced or fake when getting into it, Doyle says that will not take away from the benefits of doing the exercise.

“Our body cannot tell the difference between fake laughter and real laughter,” she said. “In laughter yoga we tell people to fake it until it becomes natural and real. The laughter, whether it’s real or fake, tells your body that you are happy — eventually the laughter and happiness become real.”

Though she does hold classes and a club throughout the month, Doyle says she incorporates laughter yoga into her daily routine.

“This is something I start my day with and it really helps me get through the day with a positive mindset,” she said. “If someone makes me angry or anything like that I can just take a deep breath and move on with my day.”

To see a full list of events Doyle puts on every month, go to her Facebook page called ‘Awaken Personal Enlightenment.’

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