January 22nd, 2021

Enrolment better than expected across local school divisions

By Charles Lefebvre on October 12, 2016.


Prairie Rose School Division has shown better-than-projected enrolment, a final count has revealed.

During Tuesday morning’s school board meeting, the board revealed a total of 3,021 students registered in Grades 1-12, up from the 3,004 it projected in the spring, based on a student count as of Sept. 30.

The board also revealed early childhood education students showed an increase, with 218 registered, up from the 191 projected.

“It’s good to see an increase in enrolment, because that will ultimately mean we’ll be able to put money back into our budget for these increases,” secretary treasurer Ryan Boser said.

During the meeting, Boser says the division is expecting an overall increase of $228,841 for the year.

“What we’ll do now is take that increase in dollars, put it into the budget, and then make a decision as a group on where we’re going to spend that additional money,” he said.

According to the report, Eagle Butte High School recorded the highest increase in students, with 402 counted, up from projections of 385. Oyen Public School reported 134 students, up from the projection of 121, and Seven Persons School reported 257 students, up 12 from projections.

However, other schools showed a decrease.

Margaret Wooding School in Redcliff and New Brigden School both showed a drop in 11 students from projections. Margaret Wooding reported 186 students in attendance, while New Brigden, which had parents request transportation to Oyen Public School, reported only two students.

The board approved a motion introduced by trustee Christie Dick to do a feasibility study on New Brigden School

Catholic board

The Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education also saw an increase in enrolment at its schools this year.

According to documents provided for the board’s Tuesday meeting, a total of 2,300 students in Grades 1-12, along with 175 kindergarten students and 110 in preschool, according to final counts. The board projected 2,2,78 students in the spring.

Monsignor McCoy High School has 617 enrolled this year. Among junior high schools, Notre Dame Academy has 357 students enrolled for 2016/2017, while St. Mary’s School has 346.

Among elementary schools, St. Patrick’s School has the highest enrolment, with 304 students in grade 1-6, and 48 kindergarten students. St. Louis School has the lowest enrolment numbers, with 77 students in Grades 1-6 and 31 kindergarten students.

SD 76

SD76 reported a very slight increase in total enrolment for 2016/2017.

The division reported 7,079 students on Sept. 30, up six students from its projection of 7,073 and up 21 students from last year.

Among high schools, Crescent Heights High School reported 1,240 students enrolled for the year while Medicine Hat High School reported 963. Both high schools reported decreases from last year, with 229 less students at Medicine Hat High School and 11 less students at Crescent Heights.

Alexandra Middle School reported 557 students, up 197 from last year.

Among elementary schools, the Dr. Roy Wilson Learning Centre reported the most students with 734, followed by Connaught School (510) and Crestwood School (481). Riverside School, which SD76 announced plans to eventually close, reported 84 students.

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