August 21st, 2019

Culture and Tourism Minister visits Hat to mark Culture Days

By Mo Cranker on October 3, 2016.

Keith Rempel, Daniel Gervais and Chris Tabbert provided the music at Sunday's Fall Festival in Police Point Park as part of the Culture Days celebrations which took place this past weekend across the province. --NEWS PHOTOS MO CRANKER

Alberta’s Minister of Culture and Tourism Ricardo Miranda made his final stop on his Alberta-wide Culture Days tour Sunday afternoon at the Fall Festival hosted at Police Point Park.

Miranda visited half-a-dozen cities over the weekend and said traveling the province helped remind him of the art traditions in each city.

“It’s been an amazing experience,” he said. “We’ve talked about the diversity and the great communities that we’ve had the great chance to visit and just really highlight the quality of life Albertans have come to expect.”

Once his tour is finished, Miranda said he will compile what he has learned and then take it back to Edmonton.

“I’m here to experience Medicine Hat and the culture that is here, then I can take all of this back with me when I visit the legislature in the fall,” he said.

Chief Park Interpreter at Police Point Park Corlaine Gardner said having the minister present during Culture Days will help show what Southeast Alberta has to offer.

“I think that having the minister here will help show the rest of Alberta who we are and really put our prairie culture on display,” she said.

The Fall Festival was the final event of Alberta’s Culture Day’s celebrations in Medicine Hat, which runs every year across the province.

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