July 18th, 2018

Your Travels: Reed islands a must-see in Peru

By Medicine Hat News on December 16, 2017.

A small child living on the reed islands in Peru. Children must be watched constantly for fear the might step off the edge and drown.

Betty Gower

The reed islands in Lake Titicaca in Peru are a must to see when in the South American country.

People live on the reed islands and go to the mainland so the men can work and the women sell their handiwork then return to their homes on the reed islands for the night. The children must be watched constantly for fear they might step off the edge and drown.

Lake Titicaca is the highest lake in the world so take precautions regarding elevation sickness when travelling there. There is much to see while travelling to the lake such as alpacas and llamas, some of which are not domesticated. The landscape is rugged with canyons, and is very dry with little vegetation.

The area is fast becoming a tourist destination with the usual tourist traps. Hostels and hotels are plentiful with reasonable rates and there is a good range of Peruvian and western fare.

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