November 25th, 2020


Business Beat: Selling Medicine Hat to the world

By Jon Sookocheff on August 28th, 2019

Foreign direct investment to Canada rose 5% in 2018, to $877 billion. This was the largest increase in four years, with most of it originating from North America and Europe. Measurable growth took place in chemical and food manufacturing, as well as wholesale trade and agriculture, forestry and fishing. A good percentage of that foreign ... Read More »

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Business Beat: Entrepreneurship lessons from a high school classroom

By Christie Wilson on August 21st, 2019 Large sheets of white paper labeled “Business Model Canvas” flew about in parking lots and bounced around in the back seat of my SUV as I made my way into rural high school classrooms over the past year. Thinking back to last fall when I began weekly visits to Grade 10-12 students in Bow ... Read More »

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Business Beat: Beef’s Place in a Healthy Environment

By Lisa Kowalchuk on August 7th, 2019

With increasing information in the media now about the environmental footprint of agriculture and greater attention around food sustainability, there is a need to provide education and raise awareness around where our food comes from and recognize the vitally important role of agribusiness. Most recently, sustainable beef production in Canada has been a focus of ... Read More »

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Business Beat: Creating regional business advantage

By Elizabeth Blair on July 31st, 2019

The 21st century has brought an economic reality that includes a new era of global competition, global supply chains and global market opportunities. While these concepts may seem remote, there is strong local impact. Quite simply, with global purchasing capacity on everyone’s phones, our local businesses and industries must be world-class in their offerings and ... Read More »

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Business Beat: Flip the three reasons you’ll fail

By Christie Wilson on July 24th, 2019 I’ve got no money. The people I hired don’t do their job. No one buys my product. These assertions represent three of the top reasons startups fail – money, people and market. Not only are these conditions for a new startup to flop, they are causes to flourish. The exciting part of acknowledging possible ... Read More »

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Business Beat: Medicine Hat has a plant-based opportunity

By Jon Sookocheff on July 17th, 2019

Beyond Meat, the world’s No. 1 plant-based burger maker, is up big since its initial public offering in May. Early investors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, Jack Welch and Justin Timberlake have made out like bandits. Even Don Thompson, former CEO of McDonald’s, is in on the action. Which begs the question. When, exactly, is ... Read More »

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Business Beat: Fueling business growth through connections, support and influence

By Lisa Kowalchuk on July 10th, 2019

My activity over the past couple of months has been primarily focused on building our connections, while enhancing our supports and building our influence. It has been rewarding to see how a strong network with both breadth and quality of connections compounds our influence, effectiveness and success in the business community and fuels business growth. ... Read More »

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Business Beat: Last year was a tough one for local employment

By Jon Sookocheff on July 3rd, 2019

Every three months, Invest Medicine Hat publishes an economic report card. This is a backward-looking document that allows us to glean valuable insights into the state of local economy. Every quarter includes a special report. Recently, we did a deep dive into 2018’s job numbers. What we found is worth sharing. Looking at the report, ... Read More »

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Business Beat: Don’t be afraid to let your inner entrepreneur shine

By Christie Wilson on June 26th, 2019 The value of entrepreneurship is much more than dollars and cents. While we often focus on the revenue generation of a business as a guiding marker of success, there are many added benefits to the practice of entrepreneurship than cash alone. The advantages of entrepreneurship cross over cultures, demographics and financial status. The ability ... Read More »

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Business Beat: Group taking action for business

By medicinehatnews on June 19th, 2019

Entrepreneurs, there is a new initiative underway! Are you ready to join the movement?   With a focus on existing and developing businesses, and a changing landscape to employment, our region is facing a shift in how we view economic diversity. A newly-formed consortium of business, governments, and service agencies called Invest Southeast Alberta is ... Read More »

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