January 22nd, 2021

Business Beat: Unique and opportunity rich in southeast Alberta

By Medicine Hat News on October 19, 2016.

A recent inquiry from a national organization asking about Medicine Hat College’s (MHC) 3D printer was a good reminder of the many assets that make southeast Alberta unique. 3D printers are becoming more common place in our technologically advanced world, but MHC is one of the few locations in southern Alberta that offers this industrial grade printer to the public. It is a location where a business can get one-on-one help with producing prototypes or end use parts out of thermoplastics.

While it’s no secret that Medicine Hat is Canada’s sunniest city, others may not realize that our consistent wind resource is also a unique asset for the region. Currently, there are approximately 5,000 megawatts (MW) of sustainable energy projects proposed for Alberta, and 2,000 MW (or 40 per cent) of that is proposed for southeast Alberta — the majority of that wind related. However, as the costs of solar technology continue to decrease, solar farms are becoming more sought after which will also have implications for our region.

MHC, Alberta Labour and the Economic Development Alliance of Southeast Alberta have recently partnered to find out what labour impacts these developments will have on our community, as early numbers during the construction phase are in the 1,000s. The study is also looking at long term employment opportunities and the impact of renewables from a community, regional and business perspective. The report is expected to be completed in November and the findings will be shared at a sustainable energy conference at the college next March.

Perhaps southeast Alberta’s greatest asset is our ability to partner with others to get things done on a grander scale. A phrase often heard in the community is “we punch above our weight,” and the reason we are consistently able to do this is that we excel at working together. The partners of the Business Beat are just one example of a collaboration that we hope will aid in businesses making decisions that will help our region to expand and grow.

For more information about these offerings at MHC or to connect with MHC’s business services, please call me at 403-504-3585.

Tracy Stroud is manager of business development at Medicine Hat College.

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