February 27th, 2020

Motz cruises to win with 80% of the vote

By GILLIAN SLADE on October 22, 2019.

Glen Motz, re-elected as MP for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner, savours victory with his wife Sue on Monday, Oct. 21, 2019 at the local Conservative campaign headquarters.


Conservative blue spread across the Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner riding Monday night giving incumbent MP Glen Motz a decisive victory.

“It’s a real honour to serve the constituents of this riding. I want to … thank the voters … for putting their trust in me again,” said Motz at his campaign headquarters. “I want to thank my wife for hanging in there with me over this difficult time.”

Motz won a decisive victory with 39,482 votes and 79.9 per cent of the vote, as of press time. NDP’s Elizabeth Thompson finished second with 4,156, Liberal Harris Kirshenbaum with 3,085, PPC’s Andrew Nelson with 1,267, the Green’s Shannon Hawthorne with 1,087 and independent Dave Phillips with 316.

While celebrating his personal victory, Motz struggled to come to terms with a Liberal minority government.

“I don’t know what it would take for Canadians to see a leader that thumbed his nose at the rule of law, that corruption was the way of … and we haven’t seen the end of SNC … There’s a lot of stench going on and I don’t know what it would take for Canadians to see that that leadership model doesn’t work,” said Motz.

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Jim Horsman, former MLA for Medicine Hat, watched the numbers unfold at Motz’s campaign headquarters. He said what he feared most about a Liberal minority government is who will “prop them up” and what that will mean for Alberta.

“If they continue to isolate Alberta, which has really been taking place, and it’s very serious for the future of this province, I’m very apprehensive,” said Horsman.

Motz sees it as a leadership flaw.

“He (Justin Trudeau) … has no moral authority to run this country.”

Motz says those who voted Liberal across the country appear to have a “short memory and can be duped again.”

“You thought your deficits were high with a Liberal majority government? You wait, spending will be ridiculous. Deficits will be larger than we can ever imagine,” said Motz. “The business community and the tax base can only stand so much. Government can’t give you anything they haven’t taken from you first.”

Although he’d hoped to be part of government, Motz says he will return to Ottawa to once again advocate for the needs of the people in this riding. He promised to build relationships with those in authority in order to achieve that.

Although it is four years since a federal general election, in this riding it is only three years since a byelection. Motz was first elected in October 2016. It was the unexpected passing of Conservative MP Jim Hillyer that triggered the byelection.

There were 34,261 valid votes in the 2016 byelection.

CPC Glen Motz – 23,932

LPC Stan Sakamoto – 8,777

Christian Heritage Rod Taylor – 703

NDP Bev Waege – 353

Libertarian Sheldon Johnston – 285

Rhino Party Kayne Cooper – 211.

The population of this riding at the time was 102,847, based on Elections Canada data. The number of electors sat at 76,911.

In the October 2015 federal election there were 50,768 ballots cast.

CPC Jim Hillyer – 34,849

LPC Glen Allan – 9,085

NDP Erin Weir – 4,897

Green Party Brent Smith – 1,319

Independent John Clayton Turner – 500.

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