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Family matters for This Perfect Day

By MO CRANKER on August 29, 2019.

Local artist Jessica Plattner looks on at a piece of art Thursday at Medalta at an exhibit that showcases her work alongside her mother's and partner's pieces. This Perfect Day is on display until Sept. 14. A reception is being held Sept. 13 at the Yuill Family Gallery.


An exhibit recently put on display at Medalta showcases the art of three family members, all of which showcase unique styles in their works.

Phyllis Plattner, Dean Smale and Jessica Plattner all have paintings on display at the Yuill Family Gallery until Sept. 14 as part of This Perfect Day exhibit.

“I’ve wanted to show with my mother forever,” said Jessica. “I had spent time thinking of how our work overlaps as well as how it overlaps with my partner’s work as well.

“I think this space at Medalta is really perfect for the exhibit.”

While each artist has unique attributes and characteristics to their works, there are a number of shared themes throughout the exhibit.

“I think a really big thing is our interest in anxiety,” said Jessica. “My mom’s work is from a series she did around war that deals with religion, power, gender and how art history has talked about that stuff – those are her anxieties. My own work is based in anxiety about the environmental and it’s a lot of juxtapositions about industrial and natural elements clashing or merging.

“Dean’s work is all about internal anxiety – they don’t look like self portraits but they grow from very personal places.”

Dean and Jessica both teach at Medicine Hat College and Phyllis lives in Washington, D.C. She plans on making a trip out to the reception on Sept. 13 that runs from 6-8 p.m.

Jessica says it is a great feeling to share an exhibit with her mother.

“Dean and I have done shows together but I have never done one with my mother before,” said Jessica. “It’s very, very special for me to have this show come together here at Medalta.

“She’s planning to come to the reception and it’s very special that we’ll be able to do this together.”

Note: This story has been updated to correct the title of the exhibit. It is This Perfect Day, not The Perfect Day. The News apologizes for the error.

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