September 18th, 2019

Radio Ramblings: Songs you’re embarrassed to admit you like – Volume 2

By medicinehatnews on June 6, 2019.

A few years ago, I wrote a column about the songs you’re embarrassed to admit you like. Well I am recently back to the office after becoming a mom and taking a year of maternity leave and boy I’ll tell you, once you become a parent, there is a whole other category of music you become versed in. Some of it isn’t bad, some you remember from your own childhood but then there are some songs out there that despite how terrible they really are, you’ll be ashamed to admit you like. 

My son is a huge fan of music. We have been playing many different genres for him since the day he was born. On that first day in the hospital, my husband said that his first song should be a good one and somehow decided, despite my eye rolls, that something from Wutang would fit. No matter what mood our kiddo gets in, there are some songs that when we put on, he’ll start smiling, dancing and bobbing his head. Some of them are our favorites which is great and it makes us proud he enjoys them but then there are others, those songs you will only find on the many nursery rhyme and children’s playlists out there.

Let’s start with the big obvious one – “Baby Shark.” I don’t know how many times I have asked google to play this song. Heck, our son’s nickname is Moose and in our house we sing it to him as Baby Moose instead of Shark. Does it fully make sense? Nope. Do we secretly love it? Yep. It’s catchy, easy to remember and comes with hand motions. So yes, if you see me out with Moose and I’m making this weird clapping sign with my whole arms we are signing Baby Shark/Moose and loving it.

Have you heard the Gummy Bear song? If you haven’t don’t google it. Super Annoying but oh so catchy. Your kids will love it and you’ll end up jamming to it in the car even when you have no children with you! It also falls along the lines of similarly annoying but catchy songs like “Crazy Frog” and “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.”

And then there’s Disney. You won’t have even shown your kids a certain movie and you’ll STILL be listening to the soundtrack on repeat! Now this one isn’t embarrassing for me as I love Disney and would listen to their music even before I had my son but my husband, man he has had to change his listening habits since becoming a dad. Over the last year I have often heard him singing songs like ‘Thank You” from Moana or one of the many songs from Trolls, our kids’ favourite movie. For a guy who listens to nothing but rap and rock when alone, he seems pretty into it though!  

To those of you who have been parents for years – you get it. I don’t have to explain it to you just how much life changes and is controlled by these sticky little monsters and you just find yourself doing things and liking things you never thought you would. For those who aren’t yet, don’t worry, these changes will happen so fast you wont even have time to realize what happened. To be honest, I’m sitting at my desk in my office right now listening to The Gummy Bear song and secretly loving every moment of it.

Amber Beierbach is promo guru at Rock 105.3 and just back from maternity leave!

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