July 16th, 2019

Eye on the Esplanade: What would membership mean to you?

By Medicine Hat News on February 8, 2019.

Photo by Jasmine Keillor
Members take a tour of the gallery with exhibiting artist Wes Bell.

A few years ago, when I started in my current role as marketing & promotions assistant with the Esplanade, our members became a part of my world. At first, that meant learning how to use our database, importing and exporting, and coordinating their information to make sure they are always kept in the loop about all the exciting things happening in our building. I quickly became a members’ advocate, seeing what perks and incentives I could add for this important group I’d been entrusted with. Extra tickets left for a show, let’s do a members’ giveaway! A new exhibition opening in the galleries, let’s do a members’ tour! Any opportunity that presented itself, I wanted to explore how that could benefit our members.

As time passed, I began to see familiar names alongside new names signing up for our membership for the first time. I started to see that our membership appeals to a broad range and means different things to different people. We have a group of loyal members, some of whom have been with us since the beginning, some even prior to the Esplanade itself, being members of the museum or art gallery before our facility ever existed. These are the people that want to support arts and culture in our community and this is just one way that they stay involved. Some members value our mail sent out to their mailbox letting them know about the new programs and exhibitions that are coming up, while others go paperless and love to see what newly announced concert or event is waiting in their email. Another group is all about the theatre pre-sales! They are anxiously waiting when tickets go on sale exclusively for members only to get the first dibs on their favourite seats, show after show.

As different as they may seem, they all have their love of the arts in common. Whether that means never wanting to miss a show in the theatre or getting their personal invitation mailed to them for the upcoming gallery exhibition, they believe arts and culture is a cause worth supporting and appreciate what we offer. For that reason, I will always be our members’ biggest fan!

Melissa Stockton is marketing & promotions assistant at the Esplanade.

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