July 17th, 2019

Ticket demand for ‘Mamma Mia!’ creates MHMT conundrum

By Chris Brown on January 11, 2019.

After the original 10-show run of 'Mamma Mia!" soldout in just 25 hours, Medicine Hat Musical Theatre was able to add two more shows to try to meet audience demand.


Medicine Hat theatre lovers just couldn’t resist “Mamma Mia!” when tickets went on sale last month. Unprecedented demand for tickets to the upcoming Medicine Hat Musical Theatre show left many disappointed after the 10-show run sold out in 25 hours.

“I knew it would be a sellout but I had no idea it was going to be that fast,” said Lyn Weisgerber, an MHMT board member and in charge of show promotions, of the show running from Feb. 15-March 2.

Others thought the same.

A season ticket allows the buyer to select a specific performance for each of the season’s four shows two weeks before the single tickets go on sale to the public. Not all season ticket buyers chose a night during that two-week window and when the general public sales went so fast, some people who had purchased season tickets were left without a show to attend. Due to the huge demand, a Feb. 14 show was added, and the regular media night, on Feb. 13 in this case, has been opened for tickets as well.

Season-ticket holders who bought those tickets and didn’t pick their night can now pick the new dates and MHMT is also allowing people to purchase season tickets to get you into “Mamma Mia!” for the new shows and spring production of “The Last Five Years.”

“If we don’t sell out to season ticket buyers then tickets will go on sale to general public on Jan. 16 for the single show,” said Weisgerber.

Within an hour 25 season tickets were purchased yesterday morning, she added.

If you’re lucky, season tickets may still be available today at mhmtheatre.com.

Since the initial run of tickets was snapped up, so many people have asked about extra shows and have been exhausting all avenues for tickets. Weisgerber said they’ve been all over social media, Kijiji and the local Bidding Battles page asking if anyone has tickets they’ll sell.

“It says so much about the community and how much they’ve come to love our theatre company and how much they’re trusting in us to take on such a big show. Medicine Hat Musical Theatre has done such a great job over the more than 50 years, just to see the community be so hyped up and excited for a show overwhelms us. It shows how supportive Medicine Hat is and we love it.”

A show like “Mamma Mia!” with a built-in reputation helps expand the company’s audience for the next one.

“It gets the people into the door to see how hard we work,” Weisgerber said. “Nobody gets paid for anything and to see the hours and hours that have gone into all the shows we do, the new people that love the ‘Mamma Mia!’ show but have never been to the theatre, we get them in the door and hopefully get them for the next show.”

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