July 18th, 2018

Rock Ramblings: 2017: The year that was

By Medicine Hat News on December 28, 2017.

This is it, the final Thursday of 2017! So, I’m going to do as the kids do and make it a Throwback Thursday with a brief rewinding of the year that was at 105.3 Rock.

Having been here for only a few months, I have to say my highlight was simply being hired. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked in a radio station, so getting back into the atmosphere, jumping on air with Poncho and Cassie here and there, and having the chance to interact with our listeners has been like “coming home,” and I thank you for having me.

For all those who came before me, there was a lot to look back on fondly in 2017, like landing One Bad Son to play the Canada Day 150 celebrations at Kin Coulee Park. Trapper John personally put a lot of work into bringing the prairie rockers to town for a free show on this milestone year, and it was really cool to catch them just as their rock “star” was starting to rise.

Another concert that got a lot of love was Glorious Sons, but for Poncho Parker, it wasn’t just about the music, but the crowd. Everyone was giving so much energy to the band, and the band gave it right back, which always makes for an unforgettable show.

Speaking of shows, Poncho put on an interesting performance when he tried to one-up Cassie Donnelly in the CFL Showdown featuring Mousetraps and Cranberry Sauce. He hobbled away with bloodied toes and a nose full of jellied grossness, and that wasn’t even the end of what Cassie called a very long CFL Showdown season. From drinking hot dog water and being a firefighter for a day, to sitting outside in a full snowsuit during an intense Medicine Hat heatwave, there’s not much these two won’t do; just be glad you don’t have to do it! Check out all the showdowns and more on demand at 1053Rock.ca.

It was also a great year for community support here in the Hat, and nothing sums that up like the rumble of hundreds of motorcycles rolling through town on the annual Toy Run for the Medicine Hat News Santa Claus Fund. 105.3 Rock has proudly sponsored this event since the first year we came on the air, and seeing the community come out to ride, to watch, and to donate will never get old.

Melissa Thomas also joined the team at 105.3 Rock this year, fresh from college and ready to take on the world. And, together with Trapper, she’s taken on the task of producing our Rock 20 Countdown, a look back at the top music from our playlist this year, with a few special mentions along the way. Tune in this Saturday at 4 p.m., New Year’s Eve at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and New Year’s Day at noon and 6 p.m.

So, that’s 2017 in a very small nutshell. Now, onto 2018 — the year of Rock — as we celebrate 105.3 Rock’s 10th anniversary! There’s lots of fun to be had, prizes to be won, and memories to be made, so be sure to tune in, and have yourself a safe and Happy New Year!

Chrissy Cruickshank is a creative writer at http://www.1053rock.ca and sometimes drops in on the morning show.

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