June 23rd, 2018

‘Magic’ at Kenny and Dolly show

By Chris Brown on August 31, 2017.

Kenny and Dolly Together Again, starring Marty Edwards and Wendy Engler, comes to the Esplanade on Sept. 8. --Submitted Photo


Islands in the stream, that is what they are not.

Two of the best Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton impersonators, that is what they are.

Marty Edwards and Wendy Engler present Kenny and Dolly Together Again at the Esplanade on Sept. 8. The 7:30 p.m. show recreates Kenny and Dolly’s 1983 Real Love tour, Marty Edwards explained last week.

The duo has been doing the show for about eight years.

“I’ve worked with a number of different Dollys and Wendy is great,” Edwards said last week. “She does a real good job with the character, I love working with her. We’ve got a great rapport on stage.”

Edwards believes there are three keys to making a tribute show really work well. First off, you’ve got to have the look, he said, because that’s what people see right off the bat. Second, you need the sound, because once you’re a few songs into the show people start to listen more intently. The third part is the mannerisms.

“That to me is really the icing on the cake that presses that believability button,” Edwards said.

While the solo parts of the show are crowdpleasers, the showstoppers are the pair’s duets like “Islands in the Stream” and “Real Love.”

“When Dolly’s out there, great, everybody loves Dolly. When Kenny’s out there everybody loves Kenny, but together there’s a magic that happens. It’s so palpable even in a theatre or festival,” Edwards said.

The real Kenny and Dolly will perform together for the last time Oct. 25 in Nashville, but Edwards said he and his Dolly have no plans to follow suit. He said they enjoy doing the show and bringing the Kenny and Dolly partnership to markets that don’t get the real thing and bringing back memories for people who have seen the real thing in the past.

Tickets, $48 plus service charge and GST, are available at http://www.tixx.ca, by calling 403-502-8777 or in person at the Esplanade box office or the Medicine Hat Mall customer service desk.

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