August 14th, 2018

Election 2017

Dumanowski will seek a sixth council term

By None on June 8th, 2017 @CollinGallant Robert Dumanowski will seek a sixth term as a city councillor when Hatters go to the polls this October, he told reporters at city hall on Wednesday, stating that while he’s been in local government a long time, he still sees a role for himself. “After 16 years in the position it behooves ... Read More »

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Art Squire will seek re-election in Cypress County, wants council’s recent efforts to continue

By Tim Kalinowski on May 25th, 2017 @MHNTimKal Cypress County Coun. Art Squire is the first man to throw his hat in the ring to run in the municipal election this fall. Squire, first elected in Ward 1 Hilda/Schuler in 2013, will be seeking his second term in office this October. The longtime Schuler resident, and retired gasfield operator, says he ... Read More »

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Former British soldier intends to run for city council

By Gillian Slade on May 24th, 2017  @MHNGillianSlade Myles Mulholland has announced his intention to run for city council this fall. At the age of 33, married with two young children and employed in the oil and gas industry, Mulholland wants to give a voice to his demographic at the municipal level, including those dealing with job uncertainty, he says. ... Read More »

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Redcliff Council: Reimer will seek re-election in Redcliff

By Mo Cranker on May 9th, 2017 @MHNmocranker REDCLIFF Redcliff Mayor Ernie Reimer has made it official. He will be seeking re-election come October. Elected first in 2013, the 69-year-old feels he and council have done a good job, but does not feel as if he has finished the job. “In a lot of ways I feel like we have righted ... Read More »

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2017 municipal election will allow special balloting

By Collin Gallant on May 3rd, 2017

Medicine Hat News The 2017 city election will feature special balloting, a process that allows homebound electors or anyone who is out of town to have their vote counted on election day. City clerk Angela Cruickshank, who also acts as the chief returning officer during election periods, said Alberta Municipal Affairs has allowed local jurisdictions ... Read More »

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Retired teacher Jim Black to run for council

By Gillian Slade on March 8th, 2017  @MHNGillianSlade The number of people running for council in the fall municipal election is slowly increasing. Retired teacher Jim Black has added his name to the candidate register. He says his decision to run is all about seeking an opportunity to be at the table where decisions are being made. “I have always ... Read More »

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Reimer undecided on seeking re-election

By Mo Cranker on February 28th, 2017 @MHNmocranker With the election creeping up, Reimer says he has not made a choice on whether he will be running for mayor of Redcliff come October. “As of today I have yet to make that decision,” he said. “There’s still a lot of things to factor in, and I’m just not there yet — ... Read More »

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Three councillors so far planning to seek re-election

By Gillian Slade on February 13th, 2017  @MHNGillianSlade Only three current councillors have already made the decision to run for another term in the fall municipal election. “I am definitely planning to run again,” said Coun. Les Pearson who has already registered as a candidate. He is currently in his second term of office. “The more I got into this ... Read More »

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Clugston will seek re-election

By Collin Gallant on January 11th, 2017 @CollinGallant Ted Clugston left a luncheon crowd waiting until the very last second of the State of the City address to announce that he will seek re-election this year, even providing signals to the contrary throughout the annual event. “There is something to be said for choosing your time (to exit),” said Clugston in ... Read More »

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Clugston to run for re-election

By Medicine Hat News on January 10th, 2017

Mayor Ted Clugston will seek re-election in October. After a speech at the annual State of the City luncheon Tuesday detailing Clugston’s view of the accomplishment of city council over the past three years, the mayor ended months of speculation by saying he will seek re-election in October. At the luncheon, Clugston spoke about recent ... Read More »

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