August 14th, 2018

Clugston releases campaign donors, as promised

By Collin Gallant on October 17, 2017.

Medicine Hat News

Ted Clugston, who promised to release a list of major campaign donors before the election, did so just as polls opened on Monday morning.

An email sent at 10:30 a.m. on election day states Clugston had raised $13,900 as of last Friday.

The News cannot confirm the information released by his campaign staff in a schedule that includes notable names in the development community and a company that just closed a multi-million dollar land deal with the city.

Clugston, the incumbent mayoral candidate, told the News last week he was actively fundraising; his three opponents said they had no major outside donors.

Candidates must submit final fundraising and campaign spending figures within 90 days. In 2013 however, mayoral candidates mostly released initital donors lists well before voting took place.

That year Clugston was the highest spender, topping $21,000, while second- and third-place finishers Phil Turnbull and Milvia Bauman respectively spent slightly less.

This year, challengers John Hamill and Scott Raible each said they were largely self-funding their campaigns. Another challenger, Tom Fougere, said he had no campagin budget.

According to Monday’s release, Clugston had put forth $2,000 of his own money into his re-election bid.

A “Linda Mackenzie” is the largest individual donor, putting forth $1,000.

Clugston accepted a $1,000 donation from Canalta Real Estate, which closed a $3-million real estate deal in Medicine Hat this summer on a southside parcel of commercial land. Canalta Hotels is currently building its second hotel in the city near Strachan Road.

There is a $500 donation from Alberta numbered company, 889479 Alberta, which is the legal owner of the the Box Springs Business Park. As well, $500 came from from Starks Plumbing, whose president Albert Starks is a part owner of the BSBP.

Founding BSBP partner Spencer Lacey donated $100, as did several other prominent developers, including Classic Construction ($300), Randy Stober of Meadowlands Development corporation ($500), and Gerhardt Brost of Brost Construction ($100).

Other $500 donors were Merv Boychuk, Chris Hellman (Clugston’s campaign manager), 270641 Alberta Ltd, Teel Estate, lawyer Darren Folkerson, ProComm Solutions, Nutters president Donald Cranston, Poplar Mechanics, Craig Elder, and Candoo Oilfield Services.

Individuals and companies are limited to $5,000 when donating to any individual election campaign.

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