June 23rd, 2018

Your guide to our candidate profiles

By Medicine Hat News on October 16, 2017.

We want to give you all the information we can on the candidates running for mayor and councillor in this election and to make it as easy as possible to find it. With that in mind right here is where you can find links to all the candidate profiles that we did as people announced their intentions to run for one of the positions. We still have to do profiles for some of the late entrants in the race and will add them below as they are written.

Election day is Oct. 16.


Ted Clugston – Clugston will seek re-election

Tom Fougere – And then there were four…

John Hamill – Hamill declares for mayoral race

Scott Raible – Raible announces run for mayor



Bill Cocks – Bill Cocks seeking re-election

Robert Dumanowski – Dumanowski will seek a sixth council term

Hugh English – Hugh English wants a council seat

Julie Friesen – Friesen to seek re-election to council

Darren Hirsch – Former alderman will run for council

Michael Klassen – Klassen hopes to build economy

Jamie McIntosh – McIntosh ready for another term

Immanuel Moritz – Moritz says city must grown, or fall behind

Myles Mulholland – Former British soldier intends to run for city council

Les Pearson – Pearson officially seeks re-election, cites need for inclusion

Leslie Rath – Leslie Rath hopes to bring growth

Ryan Regnier – Regnier hopes to grow business

Maureen Roberts – Former mayor’s daughter running for council

Kris Samraj – Another new name in the race

Colette Smithers – Smithers wants to give you a voice

Phil Turnbull – Phil Turnbull wants back in

Charles Turner – Local electrician throws name into city council ring

Jim Turner – Jim Turner will seek second council term

Brian Varga – Varga begins campaign for 2nd term

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