July 15th, 2018

Election 2017: News declares Clugston re-elected as mayor; Kilpatrick upsets Reimer in Redcliff

By Medicine Hat News on October 16, 2017.

NEWS FILE PHOTO Mayoral candidates Ted Clugston takes part in the debate hosted by the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 5. The News has declared Clugston has been re-elected as mayor.

11:30 p.m: Final tally for preliminary poll results. Mayor: Clugston 9,317, Hamill 4,119, Raible 2,516, Fougere 497; Councillors: Dumanowski 8,356, Samraj 7,619, Turnbull 7,393, Friesen 7,056, Hirsch 6,957, J. Turner 6,393, Varga 6,115, McIntosh 6,083, Cocks 5,970, Pearson 5,842, Moritz 5,650, Roberts 5,141, English 4,230, Klassen 3,717, Smithers 3,611, Mulholland 3,536, C. Turner 2,656, Rath 2,008, Regnier 1,416. Dumanowski through McIntosh elected.

11:19 p.m.: With 591 votes, Dwight Kilpatrick is the new Redcliff mayor. Incumbent Ernie Reimer got 499 votes.

11:00 p.m.: CTV declares Naheed Nenshi re-elected as Mayor of Calgary

10:37 p.m.: The preliminary results for 2017 Medicine Hat Municipal and School Board Elections have been confirmed. Voter turnout is estimated to be 34.61%. Voter turnout was 40.21% in 2013 and 38.23% in 2010.

10:31 p.m.: Total votes cast for mayoral candidates in 2013 were, 20,107. Total in 2017, thus far preliminary, are 16,449.

10:15 p.m.: With ALL polls counted, preliminary results have Leahy 1,976, Risling 1,857, Grad 1,819, Glasgo 1,802 and Mastel 1,768 elected in the Separate school division

10:09 p.m.: From Tim Kalinowski says some history has been made in Cypress County with Michelle McKenzie being the first-ever female elected there.

10:02 p.m.: News calls SD76 trustee race for Rick Massini 5,585, Deborah Forbes 5,103, Catherine Wilson-Fraser 5,048, and Celina Symmonds 5,036. SD76 election Carolyn Freeman, 4,316, edges out longtime trustee Terry Riley, 4,219, to take final board seat, won by 100 votes

9:59 p.m.: ALL polls counted but these are preliminary results. Dumanowksi, Friesen, J. Turner, Varga, McIntosh all re-elected. Turnbull and Hirsch return to council after absences. Samraj brand new blood at the table.

9:51 p.m: Cypress County results are in: *Denotes Elected Ward 1 – * Michelle McKenzie – 73 votes; Art Squire – 52 votes; Shirley Roy – 28 votes. Ward 4 – * Robin Kurpjuweit – 137 votes; Garry Lentz – 120 votes. Ward 7 – * Richard Oster – 199 votes; Garry Procter – 63 votes. Ward 8 – * Shane Hok – 79 votes; LeRay Pahl – 47 votes

9:26 p.m.: We’d be remiss if we didn’t thank Jim Groom and Terry Chapman for being with us tonight. Great minds and even better people.

9:21 p.m.: Leahy, Risling, Grad, Mastel Glasgo pulling away from the pack in Separate school board trustee race. Massini, Forbes, Wilson-Fraser, Symmonds out in front for SD76 board. Freeman and Riley in a tight race for fifth

9:14 p.m.: Collin Gallant from Ted Clugston’s viewing party – Reelection is redemption for me, says Ted Clugston after winning second term as mayor. “People approved of what we did on council.”

9:12 p.m.: Clugston 8,012; Hamill 3,639; Raible 2,194; Fougere 450 in mayoral race. Dumanowski, Samraj, Turnbull, Friesen, Hirsch, J. Turner, McIntosh, Varga top 8 councillors

9:06 p.m.: New results in: Clugston 6,085; Hamill 2,769; Raible 1,674; Fougere 326. Top 8 for councillor: Dumanowski, Turnbull, Friesen, Samraj, Hirsch, Cocks, J. Turner and Pearson

8:54 p.m.: Clugston 2,666, Hamill 1,359, Raible 830, Fougere 149

8:53 p.m.: BREAKING: Medicine Hat News declares Ted Clugston re-elected as mayor of Medicine Hat

8:50 p.m.: Results page is back up with more results: Dumanowski, Friesen and Turnbull remain in top 3 for councillor. Hirsch, Samraj, Pearson, J. Turner, Cocks top 8

8:32 p.m.: Elections results page at http://www.medicinehat.ca is down.

8:28 p.m.: Massini, Wilson-Fraser, Forbes, Symmonds and Riley top five in public school board.

Risling, Mastel, Grad, Leahy and Glasgo top five for Separate school board as of the latest available results

8:16 pm.: Ted Clugston out to an early lead with 904 votes. John Hamill 472, Scott Raible 303, Tom Fougere 43. Dumanowski, Friesen and Turnbull top three councillors.

8:00 p.m.: Polls have now closed. While we wait for results to come in here are some fast facts.

1,607 Hatters voted in advance polls earlier this month but that is down about 16 per cent from 2013. The number voters using the advance poll grew from the opening day on Oct. 7 until this past Saturday, when 384 Hatters voted.  Overall voter turnout in 2013 was 40.21 per cent, up from 38.23 in 2010.

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