September 26th, 2018

Transit still at top of mind for Hatters

By Jeremy Appel on October 12, 2017.–

Transit and the general state of public services in the city were top of mind as the News caught up with some Hatters about the upcoming municipal election.

1. What issues would you like to see council address in its next term?

2. Have you decided who you’re voting for?

Robert Hildebrand

1. “Transit and the way that they’re changing things and talking about putting things back, but then they’re delaying. It’s like they can’t make their mind.

“It’d be nice to see them make up their minds and make a clear decision.”

2. Yes.

Grace Crisp

1. “The issue of public services is very important. We need to look at the fact that not everyone can afford to pay for a lot of things.

“The cultural services are also very important — the library, the Esplanade. I don’t think we should be cutting into those valuable areas.”

2. “I’ve received all of the information and I’m taking a look at that, but I haven’t made my choices yet.”

Robert Needrum

1. “The current council, nobody’s really gonna do anything gigantic or anything that’s gonna wow me or anything that’s gonna effectively make my life any better.

“I’m relatively happy. I don’t have any crosses to bear or grudges to carry.”

2. “We’ll see.”

Rod Evans

1. “I’d like the transit issue to be addressed, one way or another, hopefully going back to the old system. I’m finding it very hard to use, personally.

“I’d like some of the building development to be addressed too. They seem to be building in two opposite directions.

“It’d probably be better for a city this size to focus in one direction.”

2. “Not yet.”

Spencer Buss

1. “Maybe our transit system. I don’t use it a whole lot, but I know a lot of people who do.

“I’d like for people to take responsibility. If you’re not strong enough to own your opinion, maybe you shouldn’t be on council.”

2. “I think so, more or less, but we’ll see.”

Marlene Balser

1. “Transit is the big one.

“Recreation would another concern I have, and that would certainly include library funding and anything that’s cheap and free for lower income families that we’re really taking away from them.”

2. “I already voted.”

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