July 18th, 2018

Art Squire will seek re-election in Cypress County, wants council’s recent efforts to continue

By Tim Kalinowski on May 25, 2017.

Art Squire is the first person to throw his hat in the ring to run for Cypress County council in this fall's municipal election. Squire has served as councillor for Ward 1 Hilda/Schuler the past four years, and is hoping for re-election.--ALTA NEWS PHOTO


Cypress County Coun. Art Squire is the first man to throw his hat in the ring to run in the municipal election this fall. Squire, first elected in Ward 1 Hilda/Schuler in 2013, will be seeking his second term in office this October.

The longtime Schuler resident, and retired gasfield operator, says he is proud of the work he and his fellow councillors have done these past four years to make the county office run more effectively for residents.

“I am proud we have been able to streamline the county way of operating so it is operating like it should be,” states Squire. “We’re listening to the people and doing what we need to do through our staff … County staff and administration are running effectively … We as councillors have now gotten back to what we should be doing: That is making policies and overseeing how the money is spent.”

Squire has some ambitions for his ward he would like to get accomplished in the next four years if he is re-elected.

“Probably in the next four years we will have to get to doing the streets in the hamlets (Hilda and Schuler) up here. And we’ll probably have a few miles of road which will need to be rebuilt, but I don’t think there will be a huge amount.”

Squire also wants to see the fulfillment of some of the programs council has already initiated county-wide this term, especially the fire services plan, road allowance repairs and the five-year road plan.

Squire says the great thing about representing a ward like Hilda/Schuler is local folks always keep him informed when they see a problem developing.

“People up here are very honest people,” says Squire. “I haven’t come across one yet who isn’t. If they tell you something, they believe what they are telling you is the truth. And they will stand by it.”

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