February 21st, 2020

Opinion: Non-stop rhetoric from UCP

By Medicine Hat News Opinon on November 16, 2019.


Equalization referendums, Canada pension threats, separation, national unity, fair deals, booting the RCMP, war rooms, panels galore, inquiries galore, fights with Trudeau, fights with B.C., fights with Texas, fights with environmental groups, fights with Quebec, fights with the Bloc Quebecois and fights with the Alberta NDP.

Gee. It’s almost as if the non-stop rhetoric floating around is the Alberta government trying to tell us something. What could it be? Oh, I know.

“Hey! Look over there!”

The entirety of this useless anti-everyone campaign has been crafted as a purposeful distraction, and the fact that it’s a thousand things all at once is the entire point. A populace that is confused, overwhelmed and angry is not an attentive group.

Yet, not one threat, not one suggestion, not one panel and not one fight has a single lick of relevancy or hope of seeing fruition. Premier Jason Kenney knows Alberta can’t do squat about equalization (and he should, since he was a cabinet minister in the government that wrote the formula). He knows pulling out of CPP is a terribly risky idea that won’t have the same returns. He knows a provincial police department would be a massive and expensive overhaul. He knows the war room is fighting against nothing. He knows talk of national unity is nothing more than political theatre. He knows the panels won’t accomplish a thing. He knows the inquiries will only tell him what he wants to hear (or, more accurately, what he wants you to hear). And he knows Alberta can’t win a single fight that he’s gone out of his way to pick, since some are with jurisdictions he has zero power over and the rest are completely imagined.

Meanwhile, the “shock and awe” campaign of policies promised during his campaign has continued in the form of a smorgasbord of cuts and a side plate of cruelty. While you’re watching the bout with Trudeau, Kenney already has his hands taped and gloves on for the battles he’s picked right here at home.

Parents, children, seniors, students, people with disabilities, LGBTQ, anyone who owns a vehicle, municipalities, doctors, patients, the entire public sector (more than 400,000 workers across the province) – you name the category, and the UCP laser scope is pointed its way.

And while the barrage of cuts, price-cap removals, cancelled subsidies, gutted service departments, pending wage decreases and restrictive policies continue in impossible-to-keep-up-with fashion, Kenney and his caucus want you to blame literally anyone but them.

Honestly, when was the last time you even heard the premier speak about Alberta in a way that wasn’t who we’ll fight, or who owes us their livelihood, or who will do their part to make Alberta great again?

Even our own local MLA, Drew Barnes, who was just bombarded by worried teachers at a town hall meeting, wrote his latest column for this newspaper and focused every word on what Justin Trudeau can do for Alberta.

Here’s a thought, Drew: What can YOU do for Alberta besides join a Fair Deal Panel that has no tangible use?

How about you address what your party plans to do for the growing number of Albertans freaked at what the government has planned for them next? I know you have “1,011,036 reasons for more free enterprise, more room for families, more local decision making and less government.” What say you elaborate on just one of those in a column instead of tweeting the exact same thing 36 times a week? Can you even bring yourself to pretend that what your government is doing is creating “more room for families”?

If so, I have a family of my own that would sure love to hear it.

But instead of taking the time to address the real issues of his constituents, it seems Barnes would rather help his leader peddle the idea that Albertans are getting ripped off by anyone but them. He says he’ll take the concerns he’s heard to the UCP cabinet, but spends his time tweeting Fraser Institute reports that oh-so inaccurately suggest Alberta taxpayers contribute $5,000 a year to Quebec – each.

It’s non-stop smoke and mirrors, and unless this government is nothing more than inept, the entire wave has been constructed with intent.

As long as you know to be angry at anyone and everyone who isn’t in Alberta professing their unconditional loyalty to the UCP, then you might not notice as the premier and his caucus take aim at Albertans – all Albertans.

There is definitely a big fight in all of our futures. It’s just a lot closer to home than you’re being told.

Scott Schmidt is the layout editor at the Medicine Hat News. You can contact him by email at sschmidt@medicinehatnews.com

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16 Responses to “Opinion: Non-stop rhetoric from UCP”

  1. Impala says:

    Correction: Non-stop rhetoric from ultra-divisive leftie Scott Schmidt. You have the intelligence and objectivity of a gnat. Get a real job, Notley doesn’t care that you have her back in your hatred of all things conservative.

    • FarmGirl says:

      Good to see that Impala is blindly following the party line of personally attacking and insulting anyone who they disagree with.
      Scott raises a good point.
      What is Barnes doing for his constituents? Is he doing anything to alleviate concerns from local business owners, teachers, and health professionals?
      The question we need to keep asking the UCP, is when are we going to see the “economy, jobs, pipeline” that was promised? The pipeline is under construction, no thanks to the UCP. We can thank Notley and Trudeau for that, even though UCP supporters don’t want to admit that.
      So far, the UCP has spent a lot of money but what has been the result? Contracts to family and friends, great international travel for UCP staffers, and cuts to programs and services to the rest of Alberta.
      Conservatives need to start asking themselves if there are any positive tangible results from Kenney’s actions. So far, there haven’t been.

    • Phaedrus says:

      Childish insults.

      Might work, ….. I guess. 🤔

    • AKBaker says:

      You really need to open your eyes a little, at least. Anyone that is at all aware of things, knows that Jason Kenney and his UCP crew are out to destroy Alberta. I really hope you enjoyed the KoolAid.

  2. Les Landry says:

    Can anyone say that this UCP government has helped them with anything?
    And I’ll be asking the same question next year.

  3. cyberclark says:

    Good article! There is no national unity problem only some noisy Conservatives trying to break up the country. And, as far as the energy corridor is concerned it is more of their BS. Montreal and points east get their oil by bulk tanker at a fraction of the cost of a pipeline!

    On the other hand, PQ has a surplus of hydroelectricity. They have a cap and trade deal with California worth billions now but California is planning on shutting down their two coal-burning plants by 2022 meaning they won’t be putting the coin into cap and trade they will be looking for a return.

    This falls in line with PQ suggestion that western Canada enter into cap and trade deals with them and they will forget about equalization payments. A scam running every which way.

    Alberta’s power is owned by the cities, Indirect taxation if you like. But, it delivered at a reasonable price. Cities are in no position to buy PQ power!

  4. Fedup Conservative says:

    The fact is there is nothing conservative about them. They are reformers and are deliberately creating all sorts of problems with their lies hoping to fool the ignorant and get total control of Canad. Divide and Conquer . It,s too bad so many of our ignorant seniors are falling for it.

  5. MiguelBaines says:

    Always appreciate your columns, Scott. Keep up the good work.

  6. dduck says:

    Premier Kenney is a staunch federalist, always has been and likely always will be, so where Scott gets off blaming National Unity issues on him, or talks of separation? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    As for the rest of his diatribe, The people of Alberta overwhelmingly voted in the UCP government, including Mr. Barnes. The policy ideas have been put forth by the grassroots members of the UCP party. They’re passed on to Policy Committees at Constituency Association meetings and then submitted to the Party’s Policy Committee who presents policy for review by the membership and which is voted on at AGM’s like the one happening at the end of the month.

    Our UCP CA has members on the board who are PSE Students, they’re Teachers, Nurses, Scientists, Bureaucrats, and just everyday Albertans. Some hold Master’s Degrees, there’s even a PhD there. ALL people who want the best for Alberta.

    So, whenever Scott belittles the policy ideas brought forth, he might want to remember that it’s his neighbours he’s insulting, readers of the news publication he works for, Albertans all, and just because these aren’t his ideals, doesn’t make them all wrong.

    • Can't Fool Me says:

      Impala…dduck…see Fedup Conservative….grassroots members of the UCP party are dressed up Reform Party members….Nobody signed up for this nonsense! Scott Schmidt is not insulting his neighbours, he is critically thinking about what the UCP has REALLY done since they took office….he is critically questioning what Drew Barnes is REALLY doing for constituents who are worried and feeling threatened by the UCP’s policies. I am a reader of this news publication and he is NOT insulting me…he is giving voice to my genuine concerns. I suspect the reason why the UCP was overwhelming elected in Alberta is because none of these attacks on regular Albertans or threats of Wexit were in the Jason Kenney platform. Surprise! the UCP is NOT Conservative at all…these policies, cuts and separatist notions are EXTREME…and yes in my view they are ALL WRONG.

  7. Fedup Conservative says:

    Can’t Fool Me excellent comments. There is nothing conservative about them and as we know Klein and Kenney were both well know Liberals turned Reformers and aren’t anything like the conservatives under Lougheed and Getty that we proudly supported. Kenney is deliberately doing the exact opposite to what he promised he would do and people who helped elect him are now saying they wished they hadn’t. He is a liar, just like Klein was. It’s not surprising that he ran the most corrupt election in Alberta’s history and is still being investigated by the RCMP.

    • dduck says:

      Klein turned in his Liberal card and became PC, not reform. Kenney progressed from Reform, to Alliance, to CPC when it, like the Wildrose and PC, united under a single banner. What that has to do with price of tea in China, God only knows.

      I helped elect Kenny, so have many of my peers, not a single dissenter among them. All still loyal to King Ralph by the way, may he rest in peace ;* .

      Last little fact that may be surprising to you, he’s not under investigation by the RCMP. Never has been, never will be.

  8. Fedup Conservative says:

    Maybe dduck would like to explain to us where he gets the nerve to call himself a conservative when he has been supporting well known Liberals pretending that they are conservatives but using Reform Party policies like Klein did and Kenney is doing? Does it make him proud that Kenney ran the most corrupt campaign in Alberta’s history and one of his candidates and his supporters have been fined a total $223,000. to date and now Kenney has fired the guy doing the investigating and people are asking what is he hiding?, Why shouldn’t they? Does it make him proud that Kenney is still being investigated by the RCMP for voter fraud because people are saying their names and email addresses were used to get Kenney elected in the leadership race yet they didn’t vote for him? Can he explain if Klein was such a hero why was his daughter Angie and his dad Phil were trying to help us true conservatives vote him out of office and how much is he going to be willing to pay to clean up the Orphan Well mess Klein created? We need $260 billion we are told. Maybe before he makes himself look any dumber he had better pull up and read the following : “Ralph Klein’s daughter Angie supports NDP in up coming election” and Ralph Klein’s multi billion dollar liability about to blow up in Alberta’s Face “ The former MLAs we talk to are furious with what Klein did to this province and what Kenney is doing to us.

  9. Homer the Conservative says:

    Fed Con, that’s funny! You question DDuck about being conservative but you seem to support Notley every chance you get and are always whining about the UPC. What exactly is conservative about you?
    You seem very upset at Kline but wasn’t he the only one who got this province out of dept and positioned Alberta as the strongest region of the country? As for his daughter wanting to vote for the NDP, so what? Where is it written that she must vote the same as her father? Just like you, you get to vote for whom ever you want, regardless of how foolish it may be. And who are these MLA’s that you say are so furious? Do they have names or are they just part of your imagination?

    After 4 devastating years of NDP and Liberal policies that have almost destroyed this province, maybe you should give Kenney a chance to implement his policies. You expect everything overnight but in the world of politics, things move much slower than any of us would like or need.

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