July 18th, 2018

Guest Column: Tribalism is ingrained

By Medicine Hat News on December 27, 2017.

Since the beginning of mankind on this planet, we have lived in groups. As those groups evolved, they grew apart with increasing differences among them. As our ability to travel improved, the likelihood of interaction between these tribes of humans increased. They often feared that another group might threaten their livelihood or their survival. They fought and the stronger tribes survived and the vanquished move to a new location.

They created boundaries between the tribes and they separated by language, religion, colour, geography and sought out living in peace among people who were like them and with whom they had many things in common.

Certain groups became territorial and continually wanted to expand their control by conquering smaller or weaker groups. The most contentious difference between the tribes and countries over thousands of years has been religion. During the crusades, Christians conquered many lands to spread their beliefs.

As travel became faster and easier, these groups interacted more and more and became more familiar, less fearful and more tolerant of those with differences in appearance or belief. We would seek out other groups with the understanding that joining a group would mean adapting to their culture and assimilating into their way of life. This worked well as long as the immigration levels were kept low. The simple rule was that the immigrants would be the ones who committed to make the change and adapt to the new environment and culture.

In recent times, some thought it to be a good idea that the entire world should get along, amalgamate and become one world order. Some believed that the world could integrate and still be tolerant of all other beliefs. Cultures that were failing or being devastated by wars or tyrannical dictators soon sought a means of escape. Europe dropped its borders and opened up to the throngs who were and are seeking a better life. The countries that adopted this “open border” policy are paying the price and for many it is too late to change. Like the Christians during the Crusades, ISIS and other radical forms of Islam, following the letter of the Qur’an, seek to take over and spread their faith over the entire world. Countries which have given up control of their border have seen a massive influx of poor and destitute refugees from failing countries. They come in so fast that there is no time to assimilate and they form ghettos or enclaves as the tribe seeks to bring itself together in the new land. They then begin to attempt changes to the culture and take over their new country through court challenges and defiance of the law.

The Islamic cultural crusade is laid out in the Qur’an. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and studies have shown that at least one-third support, or at least sympathize with, the radical forms of Islam. Converting people to this thinking is easy when so many people live in hopelessness. The poor in the world outnumber the population of western countries about 5 to 1. The problem is far too big to solve through immigration.

The silent majority is now beginning to see the growing harm that uncontrolled migration and immigration is creating. Brexit shows that Great Britain has tired of uncontrolled and unlimited immigration and the populist movement that elected Donald Trump is saying the same thing.

It is not racist to say that all immigration and migration must be controlled. Likeminded people naturally seek to live together but even within countries, if differences become too wide, there is a real danger of civil war. We can easily interact with any culture for mutual benefit but when we begin to trample on the morays and culture of those around us, or attempt to conquer, conflict will ensue.

Cultures can interact and be culturally sensitive to one another, each in their own space. The moment you attempt to dominate, there will be trouble. In countries where this is happening, people suffer in silence for fear of being labelled a racist for feelings that are inherently ingrained. Those who supported the open border concept also remain silent since they are embarrassed at the outcome of their actions. This results in the elite sequestering themselves in enclaves of guarded and walled communities, oblivious to the problem. The rest endure the increase in crime and conflict. The issue is under reported by the media in an effort to avoid hysteria over the impending and inevitable civil wars and destruction of nations that will result.

Paul McLennan moved to Alberta more than 20 years ago as a member of the RCMP. He remained in Alberta after retirement in 2002, taught driving part time and settled in Medicine Hat in 2011.

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