June 23rd, 2018

Guest Column: Wildrose would repeal job-killing, expensive carbon tax

By Medicine Hat News Opinon on January 7, 2017.

The NDP’s risky carbon tax is now in effect — and the cost of everything is going up.

The price of gas is now 4.5 cents per litre more expensive.

Diesel is now 5.4 cents per litre more expensive.

Natural gas prices will increase between 30 to 40 per cent.

Gas taxes have gone up nearly 100 per cent since the last election.

When fully implemented, the NDP and Justin Trudeau carbon taxes will cost the typical household $2,500 per year. Alberta is already the most expensive government in Canada, but this carbon tax creates new expensive bureaucracies to hand out billions in green slush funds.

Wildrose is the only party that has stood up and said we’ll repeal the NDP’s carbon tax immediately after being elected government in 2019.

We’ll also take the steps necessary to fight Trudeau’s federal carbon tax.

Any carbon tax will not only increase costs for families and those doing business in Alberta but gut Canada’s ability to compete globally, especially since our top competitor, the United States, will not be imposing one.

Carbon taxes will make life even more challenging for small businesses, charities, municipalities and school boards. Carbon taxation will reduce the level of services, choice and competition. With companies already citing the carbon tax as the reason for increased prices, some business will be forced to close.

Given these tough economic times when Albertans could use a break, the NDP has made everything more expensive.

The vast majority of Albertans do not support a job-killing carbon tax, no matter the millions of taxpayer dollars the NDP waste on ads promoting it or how many ministers the NDP sends out to spin this tax.

The NDP want the Wildrose to “put downour swords” in our opposition to the carbon tax.

The vast majority of Albertans who oppose the NDP’s job killing carbon tax would rather the NDP stop the higher taxes that are raising the cost of everything

If the NDP want us to stop fighting for Albertans against their carbon tax, it’s not going to happen.

Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips said we need the carbon tax because Albertans were tired of being “laggards.”

Albertans are sick and tired of being talked down to by the NDP. Our oil and gas industry continues to be the best in the world and is the pride of many every-day, hardworking Albertans.

When asked in a news conference about how the carbon tax will impact Albertans, Premier Rachel Notley said when gas prices go up because of the tax, taking the bus or walking are other options.

You and I both know that simply isn’t an option for many families going about their daily lives, trying to make a decent living. Especially those with lengthy commutes.

The fact is, walking or taking the bus to get groceries just isn’t an option for those of us in rural Alberta. Neither is turning off the heat. This carbon tax is nothing but a tax grab from hard-working people who deserve a break.

Our economy is struggling. More than 100,000 Albertans have lost their jobs and the NDP’s solution has been to add another tax onto hard-working families in our province.

We stand with the hard-working Albertans across the province, and 27 months from now a Wildrose government, if elected, will repeal the carbon tax.

Drew Barnes is the Wildrose Shadow Energy Minister and MLA for Cypress-Medicine Hat

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One Response to “Guest Column: Wildrose would repeal job-killing, expensive carbon tax”

  1. kduquette says:

    Rather than just taxing, Canada needs to expand its pipelines so it does not have to rely on America as its only buyer and needs to build its own refineries to become self sufficient. Canada should invest in making its current plants more energy efficient and should rely less on energy produced by coal whilst we try and find better energy sources. Saying no to pipelines is essentially saying yes to rail and truck transport. Natural gas is transported via pipelines in comparison to coal which is transported via road or rail and coal is far more dangerous transporting via train or truck compared to pipelines. Approximately 17% of the spills from natural gas actually occur at the plants and not from its transportation. We can invest in finding metals to build pipelines that are less likely to rust and corrode and can replace pipelines that are corroded or cracked by increasing the use of the Smart Pig Technology which is used not only for cleaning pipelines but for pinpointing potential problems to within a few inches. Increasing the use of the Smart Pig can identify issues and thus these issues can be fixed before there is any danger to people or the environment. Currently Canada accounts for 1.71% of CO2 emissions in comparison to China which accounts for a whopping 28.21% of total emissions. If Canada is so concerned with global emissions we should assist other countries who emit more in making their plants more energy efficient.

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