July 16th, 2019

Peace Tower at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario

By Luke Fandrich on February 8, 2019.

Source: Editing Luke
Peace Tower at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario
It was purely by coincidence that the timing of my visit to Ottawa, Ontario in December 2018 worked out as well as it did. This view from the top of Peace Tower from Canada’s Parliament Building has suddenly become a lot rarer – at least for the next decade that is.Centre Block closed just last month as Parliament is about to undergo an extensive rehabilitation that is expected to last 10 years. This has meant that the House of Commons and Senate have moved into new (temporary) homes until the work is complete. It also means that visitors won’t be able tour the Parliament Building or take in this incredible Peace Tower view for years.As I mentioned, I wasn’t actually aware that Parliament Hill’s Centre Block was closing until arriving in Ottawa. However, the news obviously made the exploration of the building more poignant knowing that I was among some of the final groups of people to see (and photograph) Parliament like this one last time. At the very least, this post should make a nice bookend if / when I make it back to Ottawa to see the finished work a decade from now. Looking up at the clock from the observation deck.The view of downtown Ottawa from Peace Tower.Peace Tower. You can see the windows of the observation deck.The ceiling inside the observation deck.A view of the Supreme Court of Canada.The Library of Parliament.View of the Chateau Laurier and Rideau Canal.Security on the roof of the Parliament Building.National Gallery of Canada.

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