August 17th, 2018

Aftermath of Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys

By Luke Fandrich on January 29, 2018.

Source: Editing Luke
Aftermath of Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys
It was purely by coincidence that I ended up in the Florida Keys a little over a month after Hurricane Irma had hit. With the trip planned long in advance, I had been watching the news closely, and naturally wondered if continuing with travel shoots in the Keys would make much sense – or even be possible for that matter. I have to admit that the amount of work that had been accomplished in such a short amount of time after the storm was impressive. Phone lines were restored, power was back, fuel was available, and the highway down to Key West was clear. Not surprisingly, attractions and hotels were quick to get things back to normal. Aside from a few properties in repair, Key West looked pristine. Whether some of the damage had been hidden for the tourists, the extent of the hurricane’s wrath couldn’t simply be swept away in a few weeks in the numerous communities throughout the Keys.Signs were down, boats were grounded, and roofs were missing from businesses and homes. While cleanup was well underway, the state of the trees still made it clear just how strong the winds had been. Massive piles of debris lined stretches of the highway, which included everything from appliances to automobiles to boats.This is not the scene most people picture when they hear about the Florida Keys. This is an incredibly beautiful part of the world that I’m happy to say still had plenty of beauty on display while I was down there travel shooting. It seemed appropriate to address the contrast and reality of what was also going on behind the scenes. My thoughts are with everyone in the Florida Keys who were impacted by the hurricane. #KeysStrong

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