June 25th, 2018

Former Fire Station #2 in Medicine Hat, Alberta

By Luke Fandrich on June 18, 2017.

Source: Editing Luke
Former Fire Station #2 in Medicine Hat, Alberta
Earlier this year the former Fire Station #2 located on Dunmore Road in Medicine Hat, Alberta was up for sale. With a new fire station opened on Trans Canada Way, the future of this distinct structure seemed uncertain. Flash forward to this past week and renovations to transform the former fire hall into a unique commercial space have begun.The local couple who purchased the fire station sent me a message last week asking if I’d like to come and explore the building. As it turned it out they were just beginning to remove some of the drop ceilings so the space otherwise looked pretty much unchanged from when the firefighters had vacated it. While it’s certainly not the most conventional renovation, the two expressed how they plan to maintain some of the unique characteristics of the fire hall. This should definitely be an interesting transformation to keep an eye on, not unlike some of the other unique spaces (like the Beveridge Block or Earl Kitchener) that I’ve documented in Medicine Hat.Inside the hose tower of the former fire station.

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