January 20th, 2020

People can take a greater interest in their own health

By Letter to the Editor on October 9, 2019.

I read recently that Jason Kenney recently said something to the effect of Alberta being able to offer quality health care for less money than we currently spend, similar to B.C. and Ontario. I’ve also heard that in the 1990s B.C. gave out home remedy books to families, although I couldn’t find a supporting article. I think legislation could be changed if need be and costs in the long run would be greatly reduced in our hospitals.

Of course people can go out and get this information for themselves but many are not investing in their health until they experience a problem. A resource at home could be a real benefit in preventing illness and treating the minor things that take up all that waiting time. When people see and feel the benefits they will spread the word as well.

Melanie Herman

Medicine Hat

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