January 19th, 2020

Related Cato to Alberta’s current government

By Letter to the Editor on July 31, 2019.

Re: “NDP filibustering just grandstanding against what Albertans voted for,” July 19

I got my Cato’s mixed up. I always connect the name with Clouseau’s manservant, not Cato the Younger 95-46 BC. So I went in search of him on Google: “A follower of the Stoic philosophy. A noted orator, he is remembered for his stubbornness and tenacity, especially in his lengthy conflict with Julius Caesar), as well as his immunity to bribes, his moral integrity, and his famous distaste for the ubiquitous corruption of the period.”

So we can relate it to today’s Alberta government. You decide who is who.

Et Tu, Brute?

John Beaven

Medicine Hat

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