June 25th, 2018

An awkward political marriage ahead in Alberta?

By Letter to the Editor on June 13, 2017.

I find it very interesting to see that the provincial PC Party and the Wildrose Party have, behind closed doors, reached an agreement on a “merger” of the two entities. It would seem the hierarchy of the Wildrose and PCs have relied on top level executives and lawyers to come to an agreement on this re-marriage of divorced parents.

Reading the terms of the agreement, I was very surprised that the elite representing the Wildrose has finally agreed to abandon its far right, socially conservative policies and return to the more progressive PC Party principles. This process seems completely at odds with the Wildrose grassroots approach and contrary to their passionate stands on social issues.

Have Brian Jean and his negotiators accepted that socially progressive policies such as, ensuring equal opportunity for all (including LGBTQ, immigrants and minorities), protecting the environment and universal health care should replace the socially regressive policies of the Wildrose that caused the divorce in first place?

After all, aren’t these the very issues that delineate the differences between the two parties?

Has the Wildrose capitulated and will they now abandon their principles and rejoin the PC Party they have so long abhorred?

Is this to be the most awkward political marriage of all time?

Jim Taylor

Medicine Hat

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