October 22nd, 2021

Beware the influence of NGOs

By Letter to the Editor on March 9, 2017.

Non-governmental organizations are not-for-profit foundations, groups, or lobbies. There’s a credibility crisis growing with the more than 10 million NGOs. They’re not accountable or transparent like for-profit organizations. Some are fronts for terrorist fundraising, some promote destructive political or social action, and many are into scams to fill their own pockets with excessive executive salaries. The massive fake or misleading propaganda put out by some NGOs is often referred to as “the poison Kool-Aid.”

One of the most notorious abusers of NGOs is PM Justin Trudeau’s new bromancer, George Soros — the Hungarian-born billionaire, banker and financier. He exploits and perverts the idealism of the left-wing and promotes actions (including violent street activists/paid protesters) that would destabilize or weaken economies/countries by attacking: Energy security and pipelines; controlled borders and immigration; controlled budgets and spending; and nationalism and unity. Personally, through middlemen, through his NGOs (e.g. Open Society Foundation and Centre for American Progress), or through other NGOs (e.g. Tides) Soros has influenced many foreign elections, targeted U.S. citizens, underwritten anti-capitalist groups (e.g. Occupy Movement, Anti-Keystone Movement), funded extremist groups, and dictated US foreign policy with step-by-step instructions to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (DC Leaks — 2,500 documents over eight years, and more recently Wiki Leaks). Here’s only a tiny partial list of what has been exposed: 24 million to defeat George Bush, $7 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign SuperPAC, $25 million to support other democrats, R4 million to anti-Israel groups, $650,000 to Black Lives Matter, a recent blatant $!0 million in grants pledged to those who will stage U.S. post-election protests or diversions.

How can a single person do this much interfering without stories on CNN, CBS, etc. or in The New York Times, Washington Post etc.? Here’s the blueprint: Start at the top by funding the news watchdog agencies ($1.8 million to NRP, 1 million to CIR, 651,650 in one year alone to CPI); then get top left-wing news agency executives on the watchdog boards; next have these news agencies establish strong liberal editorial leadership; then pump out anti-conservative stories. They mislead and divert with half-truths/lies/scams, bury any pro-right or anti-left stories, use angry divisive language and tactics, and use appalling comedic bullying.

Now that many EU countries are aware and rejecting Soros’ tactics and Soros failed again in the US he appears to be setting his sights on PM Trudeau and Canada. Liberal NGOs have been set up (Canada 2020 and Leadnow). PM Trudeau has met and proudly tweeted out his “selfie” with the notorious Soros. Canada held an international conference to promote Muslim migration to the west with Frank Giustra and senior Soros staff ‘helping’ — the two people who destroyed the Clinton trustworthiness. The Liberal Party is starting a credibility crisis of its own.

Barb Taylor

Medicine Hat

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