June 20th, 2018

Training Matters: ASDC’s sport nutrition sessions aim to maximize athletic performance

By Ryan McCracken on August 11, 2017.

Did you know that Alberta Sport Development Centers provides sport nutrition education and skill development sessions to coaches in Medicine Hat and area? The sport nutrition sessions are designed to help coaches provide practical, evidence-based and positive nutrition strategies to their athletes. Coaches play an important role in growth and skill development in sport and are often seen as role models by their athletes. Providing sound, practical and safe sport nutrition information can help athletes sport performance and develop life long healthy eating habits. Here are some of the sport nutrition sessions that are led by our ASDC registered dietitian available for coaches and organizations to access for coach development.

Sport Nutrition 101. This fundamental sport nutrition session is designed to help coaches support athletes to include nutrition as part of their training plan. Good nutrition will fuel young athletes to perform at their best. Learn how the timing of meals and the types of food and drinks athletes choose before, during and after training can impact their performance. Other topics covered include how to promote hydration in young athletes, travel nutrition and frequently asked questions about supplements, sports drinks and energy drinks.

Eating Well on the Road. Most teams and athletes travel to compete and maintaining a good diet on the road can be a challenge. It is important for a travelling athlete to eat well when they are away from home for competitions to fuel their performance and recover quickly. In this interactive session coaches will learn how to work with athletes, parents and managers to ensure athletes are eating well on the road. Topics covered include what to look for when booking a hotel, how to make the best food choices at fast food and dine-in restaurants and what foods are best to pack for travel. Coaches will leave the session with a sport nutrition travel checklist and practical tools that can be shared with their team.

Sport Nutrition Grocery Store Tour. In this practical on-site session coaches meet up with an ASDC sport dietitian in a grocery store. Learn how to read food labels, make healthy food choices and identify easy snacks and meals for pre-and-post-competition and training. At the end of the tour coaches will be divided into teams and race against each other to plan pre-game meals, choose ideal recovery snacks, stay on budget and read food labels while working together to overcome challenges.

Hydration in Young Athletes. Maintaining hydration is important for performance in young athletes but often these athletes struggle to drink enough fluids throughout the day. In this interactive hydration session learn how much fluids your athletes should be drinking before, during and after training and competition. Coaches will gain a variety of practical hydration strategies that can support their athletes to meet hydration goals. Bring your phone to test out some hydration apps that can help with tracking fluid intake. Coaches will also have the opportunity to test hydration status and make a homemade electrolyte drink at the session.

Recovery Snacks and Meals Cooking Skills Session. This hands-on cooking session for coaches is a fun and interactive way to learn about sport nutrition as well as increasing cooking skills. Coaches will learn to make some great tasting recovery snacks and meals that can be made ahead of time so they are always ready to refuel, repair and hydrate muscles after a tough training session or competition. Coaches will learn to cook a great meal and prepare tasty snacks perfect for recovery for after an event.

If you are a coach, parent or organization interested in accessing sports nutrition coach development training contact ASDC at 403-504-3547 or email ccoehoorn@mhc.ab.ca to book a session. We also offer a variety of sports psychology and exercise physiology coach development sessions as well.

Kimberlee Brooks, RD, MSc, is a sport dietitian with the Alberta Sport Development Centre and can be reached at asdc@mhc.ab.ca

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