August 17th, 2017

Former Wildrose president to run for leadership of United Conservative Party

By The Canadian Press on August 10, 2017.

CALGARY – The former president and founder of the Wildrose party is running for the leadership of the United Conservative Party, the new amalgamation of the Wildrose and the Conservatives.

Jeff Callaway is an investment adviser in Calgary.

He says he’s running because the NDP is creating an unsustainable debt load for the province “while taking away the confidence and hope Albertans are known for.”

He says if he is elected premier he will roll back the NDP’s carbon tax.

He also says he plans to take part in Calgary’s Pride parade next month.

The others running for the leadership are former Tory leader Jason Kenney, former Wildrose leader Brian Jean and Calgary lawyer Doug Schweitzer.

(CTV Calgary)

One Response to “Former Wildrose president to run for leadership of United Conservative Party”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    It’s a well known fact that under the Klein, Stelmach and Redford governments Albertans lost some $300 billion in oil and tax revenues, or 25 Million a year, thanks to their slashing of Lougheed’s royalties and taxes. So why would you want to believe the lie these Conservatives and Wildrose Party boys keep handing us that it’s unsustainable. We know that if the NDP government can get us back up to the Lougheed Tax and royalty levels it can be paid off in a very short time.

    The fact is it should have never happen in the first place and it was these phony conservatives who allowed it to happen, so why would you want to re-elect them so they can do it some more? They aren’t anything like the conservatives we proudly supported under Lougheed and Getty, they cared about the well being of the people and not just themselves and their rich friends.

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