March 28th, 2017

Police searching for man and woman suspected in Alberta credit card scam

By The Canadian Press on March 17, 2017.

EDMONTON – Canada-wide arrest warrants have been issued for a man and a woman who were allegedly involved in a credit card scam in Alberta, even though both were legitimately employed to sell the cards.

Edmonton police say the pair was arrested earlier this month, but violated release conditions last Sunday when the two were seen at the Vancouver airport.

The suspects, both in their 30s, are the focus of an investigation into a large-scale fraud involving several complainants, including financial institutions.

Investigators were told last October by police in Ontario that both suspects were believed to have connections in Edmonton.

Subsequent checks confirmed they lived in the city and were connected to other fraud-related files.

Searches of two homes and a vehicle in early March led to the seizure of several items, including 10,000 credit card applications.

Vivek Shailesh Parekh and Nidhi Nitnaware are facing several charges that include theft, fraud and possessing a forged or falsified credit card.

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