February 21st, 2018

B.C. man digs out moose trapped upside down in roadside snowbank

By The Canadian Press on February 14, 2018.

VANDERHOOF, B.C. – A logging truck driver in British Columbia was taken by surprise when he saw four legs sticking out of the snow off the side of a road.

Wayne Rowley says he was driving down a forest service road near Vanderhoof last Thursday when what appeared to be a set of moose’s legs in the snow caught his eye.

He says he pulled over to find a calf buried upside down in the snow and realized it was still alive when it looked up at him.

Rowley says he put a rope around the moose’s neck to keep it still while he dug it out.

Once it was right-side up again, he says the moose shook itself off, moved its ears back and forth and walked off.

Rowley says the calf was shivering when he found it but appeared to be uninjured.

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