July 20th, 2017

Khadr apology and settlement about violation of Charter rights, Trudeau says

By The Canadian Press on July 8, 2017.

HAMBURG – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says an apology and reported $10.5 million compensation payment to former Guantanamo Bay inmate Omar Khadr was a basic matter of following Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Trudeau answered a question about the Khadr settlement on Saturday at the closing press conference following the G20 leaders’ summit in Hamburg, Germany.

On Friday, the government confirmed a payment had been made to Khadr to settle a longstanding lawsuit. Khadr’s suit claimed Canada had violated his rights and was complicit with the United States when he was detained at the U.S. base in Cuba, denied access to a lawyer and tortured.

The Supreme Court of Canada in 2010 ruled Khadr’s rights had been violated.

The apology sparked fresh public debate about Khadr, but Trudeau says the settlement is not about the details of Khadr’s case but the fact his rights were violated.

Trudeau says the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects all Canadians, “even when it is uncomfortable.”

“When the government violates any Canadian’s Charter rights, we all end up paying for it,” he said.

9 Responses to “Khadr apology and settlement about violation of Charter rights, Trudeau says”

  1. goldenstar2 says:

    The payout of such a huge sum to a, in my opinion, murderer, is extreme. This is taxpayer money, were we consulted? Liberal politicians are free with other people’s money, let them pass the hat to their cronies to raise the blood money. The money could have been used to pay down our mounting national debt or invested in hospitals and schools, what has transpired is disgraceful!

  2. banjokaz says:

    The former conservative government abandoned this man, a Canadian citizen, as a boy, leaving him to be illegally detained without trial, let alone conviction. There were no charges, and no evidence of a crime beyond hazy testimony at best, not to mention his being a 15 year old child at the time, so he was inevitably released. He was perfectly within his rights to sue the government for violating his charter rights, WHICH THEY DID, and the Liberal government was wise to settle that lawsuit for a lower payout than they surely would have lost as they had no legal leg to stand on.
    Bottom line: regardless of what crime he may have committed, the previous government violated his rights by abandoning a citizen, and the current government had no choice but to do their best to mitigate the damage and end the legal battle. Would you rather this had gone to court and be dragged out costing us twice or three times as much? Try looking at the bigger picture.

    • Lana says:

      Are you nuts? Tell me…there were two CANADIAN men that were held hostage by MEN JUST LIKE OMAR that had their heads cut off…where was Justin’s loyalty to a Canadian citizen then, he refused to pay a portion of what he has given this man to save them?
      Justin Trudeau is a sell out. He has been bought and paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood and every liberal bleeding heart that agrees with this decision is just as much a traitor to our men and women in arms as he is.

    • harcur says:

      It was THE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT of Chretien/Martin who first send lawyers to Khadr who then came back and told them he was PROBABLY being tortured in 2003/2004.
      They ALSO ignored Khadr’s lawsuit for $100,000 due to his rights being violated by the LIBERAL GOVERNMENT of the day.
      IF…you are going to post, how about posting ALL the facts and not just pick and choose what you THINK people will believe.
      I’m sorry to tell you but there are MILLIONS of Canadians that DO NOT believe the first thing they are told by a PM who has proven himself a LIAR since his first month as PM.

  3. banjokaz says:

    Wow, that’s insane, lay off the drugs.
    First of all, by “men like Omar” do you mean men of middle eastern color because they’re all the same and must be in Isis? That’s pretty messed up. Small difference between a boy kidnapped and taken to be trained as a child soldier but never committed a terrorist act, and life-long psychos that should be buried under the prison.
    Secondly, COLOSSAL difference between paying a man that was treated illegally by the government while every legal outlet agreed they’d lose the lawsuit and should just pay him, and paying ransom money to terrorists. He’s a Canadian citizen who’s well within his rights to sue the government that abandoned him, they’re psycho jyhadis trying to blackmail money out of the government. In both cases our government did the absolute right thing. We’re supposed to take care of our own, and not bow down to terrorism out of fear and hate.
    In spite of your obvious blind hate towards brown folk in general, and clear tinfoil hat nonsense, the supreme court and our entire legal system agrees with him. They’re not traitors, they’re following the letter of our laws, and should be applauded as such, instead of derided in moronic online posts by the hicks who can’t see the world beyond their own crap pile.
    Rant and rave all you like, but I’m pretty sure if Omar was named Steve no one would’ve batted an eye at this settlement.

    • harcur says:

      First of all Banjo. Not a soul said men of Middle Easter decent …other than you.
      Anyone who made it through grade 6 knew that it inferred to ” terrorists.”
      Secondly…MANY top legal minds have spoken and said that a settlement of ” LESS ” than $10+ million would have been more likely than more.
      Because every lawsuit ALWAYS asked for far more than they expect to get and often settle for FAR less.
      The SCC never said peep or boo about giving him even one penny OR an apology.
      You may be fine with trudeau handing $millions to people who build and plant IEDs that blow the body parts off our allies and even our own soldiers while offering a MAXIMUM of $300,000 to those who have had their body parts blown off. BUT…a recent survey country wide shows that 71% of Canadians don’t think he should have gotten a penny and that includes a ” MAJORITY ” of liberal voters.
      I guarantee…the liberals will not get 99.999% of any votes from any veterans or serving members of our military whom just got ” SLAPPED in the face.”
      Perhaps it’s you that needs to ” lay off the drugs.”

  4. banjokaz says:

    Firstly, Lana referred to members of ISIS as people just like Omar, which to me means middle eastern as I don’t classify Khadr as a terrorist. He was taken overseas by his Daesh supporting father at the age of 12, and illegally detained at the age of 15. If we’re not going to hold a person that age responsible for any crime, or even just driving a car, in Canada then why are we while he’s there? He was a scared kid with only his father to guide him, which was obviously the worst case scenario.
    Secondly, “many” top legal minds may have a different opinion on the governments settlement, but those minds aren’t a part of the governments legal team, which all agreed they’d be on the losing end of a legal battle for a much larger sum. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t try to argue with those that are.

    I’m perfectly fine with the government(it’s not all about Trudeau), handing millions to Khadr because his rights were heinously violated by several governments, both home and abroad. Again, a child shouldn’t be held responsible for stupid childish actions, particularly when his maniac father was his only contact in the world at the time. I know the majority disagree with the settlement too, but I don’t let mob mentality dictate what I judge to be right and wrong, and Omar Khadr was definitely wronged, repeatedly.

    I know we all float in our own confined social circles, so you’ll have to forgive me if I shrug off your guarantees, as mine would say the exact opposite. True, it’s a crappy situation, but from my friends, colleagues, and even CFBS personnel I’ve chatted with, look forward to a second term of Trudeau. Hard to judge being in the forgotten blue corner of the country. Either way though, have a great day!

    • Lana says:

      Omar Khadr was a teenager when he killed a medic.
      Did he put his hands up in surrender and walk towards the Medic and ask for help to get away from those people who were training him as a terrorist? NO, so he becomes THE TERRORIST.
      It is NOT Middle Eastern that I infer…it is TERRORISTS…PERIOD.
      The guy grew up in Canada, he went to school in Canada, he KNEW that terrorism was WRONG but did he talk to teachers? Did he go to a cop? Did he do ANYTHING to stop the treatment he was getting from his family that taught him how to kill infidels like YOU? NO he did not.
      Does he NOW feel shame? Does he now go out and FIGHT terrorism? Does he now go out and EDUCATE against terrorism? NO.
      The man is a terrorist and will be nothing BUT a terrorist and YOU should be ashamed to call yourself a Canadian for supporting this Trudeau government that insists on giving money to countries and people that terrorize innocents.
      This money is going to buy guns, food, clothing and anything else Omars buddies are going to need over there to keep killing our soldiers…thanks for supporting our local terrorist.

    • Lana says:

      If he was old enough to hold a gun and shoot someone then he is old enough to deserve the consequences of those actions…NO government should have gotten involved for ANY reason.

      They were NOT “stupid childish actions” HE KILLED SOMEONE! If it had been YOUR wife/husband/mother/father/child YOU would be acting and talking a lot differently so I suggest YOU think of YOUR words. This was a human being that was a MEDIC, not a soldier. Omar did NOT have to kill him, he could have surrendered to him and explained his situation…but he was old enough to pull a trigger.

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