April 28th, 2017

Ontario cops arrest more than 100 men in child sex trafficking investigation

By The Canadian Press on April 21, 2017.

AURORA, Ont. – An Ontario police force has arrested 104 men who were allegedly looking to buy sex from underage girls.

York regional police say undercover officers advertised sex services online and then posed as girls between the ages of 13 and 16.

Det. Sgt. Thai Truong says most men stopped communicating when they heard the ages, but 104 men didn’t stop.

He says child sex trafficking is a growing problem in Canada.

Truong says the average age of entry into the human trafficking sex trade is about 15 years old.

He says police carried out their investigation over four years and focused on men who sought to buy sex from children in an effort to curb demand.

“There’s no actual child victims in this project,” Truong said. “All of the men that were arrested, were arrested for attempting to purchase prostituted children.”

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