March 22nd, 2018

Seven Persons students selling hand-knitted toques to celebrate Canada’s 150th

By Tim Kalinowski on May 3, 2017.

NEWS PHOTO TIM KALINOWSKI Mrs. Dola's Grade 6 class at Seven Persons School are selling Canada 150 toques to raise money for a new hamlet sign which can be seen from Hwy. 3. They are hand-knitting all the toques themselves.

Seven Persons School students are knitting toques to show off their national pride, and to support a good cause in their home community.

“We are selling 150 toques to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday,” explains Grade 6 student Corban Burritt. “Only 150 will be made, and we have sold 67 already. We want to raise money to make a Seven Persons sign to put on the highway (Hwy 3); so I am really happy about making these toques to help Seven Persons. We want to make the sign so Seven Persons can be more noticed, instead of just driving through and saying there is a couple of houses over there.”

The students have been knitting the toques in red and white for the past several months using hand looms, and are doing a pretty darn good job of it, says Mrs. Deanna Dola, who is overseeing the project in her class.

“They have done a pretty phenomenal job making these, short of a couple of tricky things like sewing on the pom poms,” confirms Mrs. Dola. “We do have a few kids who are pretty good at making the pom poms; so that’s their job, and they check for quality control. People in the area have donated tons of yarn, and it’s a relaxing thing for the students to do. At the same time, they are doing a project.”

Angelco Luca recently completed a small toque for his little brother, who will be born soon. Luca says he has enjoyed working with the yarn to make something so useful.

“I have never done a project like this before so it’s really fun for me. I never thought of making my own toque before. Now I can just go home and make one whenever,” he says.

Anyone interested in purchasing a genuine, limited edition, hand-knitted toque from Seven Persons School to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday can call Mrs. Dola at 403-832-3732. The cost is $15 each for an adult toque and $10 each for a child’s toque.

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