June 20th, 2018

Teen gets three-plus years in jail for drug and weapons charges

By Peggy Revell on April 21, 2017.


A three-year and three-month sentence was handed down to a 19-year-old man who entered guilty pleas to meth trafficking and weapons charges Thursday.

The guilty plea comes at a “very early stage, very early,” said defence counsel for Wyatt Dickson. Dickson was originally arrested in early January after undercover officers made multiple purchases of meth from him.

The total amount sold was more than 11 grams. Brass knuckles and a colt python revolver without a licence were found when police searched Dickson’s residence.

Dickson was released on bail in late January but police learned from sources that he was once again selling meth. Warrants were obtained, and Dickson was again arrested and found in possession of 6.97 grams of meth worth $697, $2,320 of cash. A search of his residence found cellphones, paraphernalia associated with drug trafficking and brass knuckles.

The sentence is a joint submission by Crown and defence, with 75 days of it being considered served due to pretrial custody.

Dickson was born in Medicine Hat, said defence counsel, but moved away with his family at the age of 13 to Saskatchewan. He returned this past summer with his girlfriend but was unable to find employment.

He “ran into the wrong crowd” said defence counsel, and turned to become a “low-level drug dealer”

Judge Darwin Greaves took exception to this description though, saying Dickson isn’t some “dumb-knuckle kid selling on the street corner” — something the possession of a firearm and brass knuckles show.

Dickson acknowledges his guilt and the severity of the charges, said defence counsel, and that he put himself — and his first child who was born in February —into this bad position.

Dickson is willing to serve his sentence, counsel added, and while serving time in the federal penitentiary plans to finish high school and address substance abuse issues he has.

Four others were also arrested by police during this investigation. Jeremy Leddy has pled not guilty to one count of trafficking and possessing the proceeds of crime, with a trial set for October. Etheen Joseph Friesen, 33, entered guilty pleas to the charges on Jan. 26. and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail. One woman had charges stayed against her, while another entered guilty pleas to breaches.

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