May 27th, 2018

Microchipping ‘blitz’ helps to raise funds for APARC

By Mo Cranker on March 20, 2017.

NEWS PHOTO MO CRANKER Dr. Sameer Gupta and Crossroads Animal Hospital manager Barb Weiss give a demonstration Saturday of how they microchip an animal on their subject Doodle.

The Alberta Pound and Rescue Centre and Crossroads Animal Hospital held an animal microchipping clinic all day Saturday to raise funds for animals currently in the pound’s care.

The clinic was held at Crossroads, with the microchipping procedure costing roughly half of what it usually would. Crossroads officer manager Barb Weiss says microchipping pets is a very important part of pet ownership.

“The microchip goes underneath the animal’s skin and causes no discomfort once it’s in there for the animal — once it’s in there we can track the animal all over world,” she said. “Having a microchip makes the process easier for everyone if you lose your pet, and it allows places like APARC or the SPCA to get your pets back to you.”

Weiss says the animal hospital holds a low-cost microchip clinic to support APARC about every six months, and they also hold other fundraising events throughout the year in support of the pound.

“It’s sort of a blitz style clinic and it’s much cheaper than usual,” she said. “We close up the clinic at 1p.m. on these days and donate our time to get as many animals microchipped as possible — it’s very important to us that as many animals are microchipped as possible.”

Weiss says the best part about microchipping is that the owner and the pet cannot lose the microchip, unlike a collar.

“This is a permanent form of identification and it cannot be stolen or lost,” she said. “It takes us less than a minute to do, and it can save your pet if he or she is ever to be lost .

“We think it’s worth it.”

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