April 21st, 2018

‘Big Air Slush Cup’ a huge final hurrah before spring arrives

By Peggy Revell on March 20, 2017.

A crowd looks on as Caleb Saulnier tries to salvage his attempt to make it across the slush pond during the 20th annual Big Air Slush Cup held at Hidden Valley Ski Resort Sunday. --NEWS PHOTO MO CRANKER


The 20th annual Big Air Slush Cup took place this Sunday at the Hidden Valley Ski Resort, giving skiers and snowboarders one last downhill hurrah before the end of the winter season.

The day was made up of two main competitions: The Big Air contest, with each contender trying to pull off their best mid-air trick, and the Slush Cup, where contestants start up the ski hill and try to make it across a 75-foot pond of freezing slush water.

Head of visitor services Mike Ratcliffe says the event is one of the group’s best of the year, and it is a perfect way to end the season.

“This is an ongoing tradition for us and we always have a great turnout,” he said. “Once spring hits we know the season is quickly coming to a close, so we try and go out with a splash and a bang.”

The ski hills opened in mid-December and are now set to close out for the year, and Ratcliffe says he is very happy with this year’s winter season.

“We had a really good year here at Hidden Valley,” he said. “There were some real ups and downs with the weather, but we had a very consistent amount of people coming out for the season and it’s nice to see the support from the local community.”

Ratcliffe says he and the rest of the participants in Sunday’s festivities are just trying to get as much out of the season as possible, because it will be many months before it returns.

“There’s a real camaraderie we get around the resort, especially at this time of the year,” he said.

“Some of the best ski conditions were last weekend, and now we’re completely in spring conditions, so it’s time to wrap this season up.”

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